Enhancing Uptake In The Furrow
11 May 234 min 40 sec

Matt talks with Bert Riggan from

Concept Agritek

 about a new experimental product that he is trialing that promises to enhance the seeds ability to take up nutrients. Phalanx is designed to be put into a growers in-furrow fertility program.  

00:00 Hi guys, we're here today. We're in boydell Arkansas which one of our South Farms here in southeast Arkansas and unfortunate 00:06 today to have Burt Reagan here. Who is the director of agronomy for concert Agate and we got a pretty neat. 00:14 Plot or test going on. They've got a new product that they're that experimental product. They're working with called Felix failix. That is very and if 00:23 you want to know what that is, I'm gonna let bird explain that to you at the end of the video, but it's pretty cool name and what 00:30 it is. This is It's a blend of humix and full mix and and acids and enzymes, right? Correct. And so what we what we've done is we put it in from our 00:40 growing standard practice. We added it and we replicated that trial every 00:45 Five acres so there's five acres across the field for 20 acres against our against the grower standard 00:52 practice of you know, what we're using that this is going to be kind of similar to then we also after we got through with that test we mixed it up in 01:01 half a gallon rate and a full gallon rate put it in Furrow. This is all going in in Furrow to see that we can capture any yield by by increasing the 01:11 product. So essentially what this product is is to help enhance the seed ability to take a nutrients infer 01:21 it's providing carbon sources not only for any biology that may be down either present in your soul already that you're adding but it's also providing a lot of 01:30 the essential building blocks that that young seedling is going to need to get off to a really good start. So that 01:36 was the whole Genesis behind this the development of this product was to help give something that that a grower can put 01:45 into his infer package, especially with a lot of people moving to the lighter side of infer fertility, right? We 01:55 want to make sure that that bang for that buck is gonna really be there by making sure that whatever you do put down the lower volumes that the majority of it is 02:04 going to be available. for that plant to utilize so it's got a lot of moving parts. So you're saying when you say people are moving towards, what'd you say again? 02:15 Going a little bit lighter rates in Furrow what we found in a lot of different areas as far as your pop-up fertilizer, correct? 02:22 Yeah, and that's something we're doing on our own Farm is you know, we're actually decreasing our phosphorus fertility 02:28 and adding in several different products. We think that will make What's in a sole better and also utilize what what Foster's 02:36 fertility that's hard to say phosphorus fertility that we're putting in a plant. So this is going to be an aid to kind of increase. 02:46 Sole activity that we've already got plus any any phosphorus fertility we put in there and make everything kind of Jive. So it's correct. It's gonna have humics and full 02:55 weeks and acids and enzymes and that all those things together is what helps that plant get jump started and I'm 03:01 assuming correct, correct. So not only do you have the plant food which you also have food for microbial activity as well. 03:08 So there's a lot of things a lot of moving Parts going in there which is why we came up with the name failings 03:14 failings is a military term. It goes all the way back to the Greek days. If anybody's ever seen the movie 300, we're all the guys get together and lock their 03:23 Shields and put their Spears over the top. That unit was called a failings. So it's very effective is a lot of things going on there and 03:32 we think that it's it's appropriate based on what we think this product is going to give your emerging corn. Yeah, and whether you whether you add biology or you using 03:42 a biology in your soul, like I do more of I've got more poultry litter so I use less actual biology, but whether I'm using that letter or whether I'm adding biology to it. 03:53 This product is going to help. Get that all balanced out. Correct. It is gonna provide a lot of beneficial things of that biology so that whether you have a good native, you 04:02 know Colony out there or whether you're adding in it. It's gonna help increase that Colony make sure they're good and healthy and give them plenty to work with in order 04:11 to do their job. Well guys, we'll have some Fallout videos on this plot. It's a pretty sophisticated plot replicated replicating 04:18 in several different ways was relatively easy to do but I mean, we've got all kind of different stuff going on. We'll have some follow-up videos on this as well 04:28 as some other plots we'll do with Concept back or Tech and Bert nine to be working together on this quite a bit. So yeah, 04:34 I have a good day.

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