Enhancing Soybean Root Growth
6 Nov 231 min 16 sec

Kevin talks about how a big root system in his soybean crop starts with 2 products in-furrow.

00:00 How do we build a big root system and grow soybeans like this? Right here, we've got 25, 26, 24 main stem fruiting nodes. 00:09 Uh, right here where we're at in the field, you're looking at a 110 bushels. Did a three acre check yesterday and it was 104 bushels is what it come 00:19 official, but it, it starts with good products up front in the planter end furrow to build this massive root system. You see, um, 00:29 I tried pulling these out. Another one here that I pulled out earlier where I had a shovel. I don't have a shovel right here in the field on the combine just, 00:38 and I keep breaking 'em off, but these are pretty massive roots. This is what 88 does for you in furrow. 00:45 It builds that PGR builds this massive root system and then you add accomplished max in with that in furrow. And this is, 00:53 this is what you start seeing as these kind of results. Um, pretty impressive. Two simple products that we use. 01:02 Wall-to-wall on every acre of soybeans. Radiate in furrow, accomplish max. Hope this helps y'all out a little bit. 01:10 These are nice soybeans right here.

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