Enhancing Soybean Resilience with Early Planting and Stress Mitigation in Cold Climates
16 May 241m 41s

Kelly talks about the product from Agricen that he has been using for a few years now to aid in stress management and nutrient availability, and ensure plant resilience during early freezes forecasted.

00:00 I'm standing here in front of the new liquid system and integrated ag solutions. We just got done pulling everything inside. 00:04 It's gonna get down to 26 degrees tonight. After today, we'll have about 900 acres of beans planted. I'm not really concerned about 'em 00:11 because of the stress mitigation products that we put infertile. I really feel that if I'm not planting my soybeans early 00:16 enough to have the risk of frost damage and even death, I'm not gonna reach a top end yield. Beans are very mathematical. 00:22 We're gonna put on a new node every three days. The pods come out at every node. What does that mean? It means that the more nodes we have, 00:30 the more pods we have, the more yield we have. It's a very mathematical plant to me, like I said, so I've gotta plan 'em very early. 00:36 Stress mitigation products and furrow like accomplished Max that we've had a lot of success with our grower standard practice here at Garrett 00:41 Land and Cattle, be it heat stress, like I saw in my corn in the hot dry June of 2021, and the great yield, uh, benefits that came from it, 00:49 or the cold stress that we're gonna experience this year with the long-term forecast. 00:52 We're talking about having a, a freeze warning all the way up to Mother's Day on May 11th, 12th timeframe. 00:58 So I'm, I am concerned going forward here, what could happen. Accomplish max is not a cure all. 01:03 It's not gonna save us down to 10 degrees or something like that. There is no silver bullet in farming. 01:08 What accomplish Max will do for us is keep us safe down to that 28 degree temperature, something like that 01:13 with a frost, and those are things that we can easily experience. Again, like I said, it could be 26 degrees tonight. 01:18 Accomplished Max is a two part product. The max portion is the kelp extract that helps out with the stress mitigation. 01:24 The accomplished portion is a tried and true product that's been part of agri for many years and helps with nutrient availability. 01:29 If we wanna define accomplished Max very simply, all you have to think about is accomplish max more nutrients, less stress.

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