Enhancing Phosphorus Availability in Soils: Insights from Temple Rhodes' Trials
21 Nov 232 min 4 sec

Temple Rhodes discusses his recent post-harvest trials with NutriCharge Release – and its effects on soil nutrient availability, specifically its ability to unlock phosphorus in manure-rich soils.

00:00 So we're sitting out here, we're thinking about, you know, the post-harvest things that we've done, 00:05 and I wanna share with you some of the different results. I got a bunch of them, you know, 00:10 and if you're a member, uh, of course you're gonna get to see these results in all of our data. But I, I'll give you some key keynote notes. 00:16 So we did a ton of trialing this year. One of the things that we trialed this year was a new product, which that's what's so great about extreme ag. 00:27 You know, we get to trial these products before they really hit the market. Well, uh, agritech, USA came out with a new one, um, 00:34 and it's called Nutri Charge Release. What does it do? Uh, I don't know. I'm not that good. But what I can tell you is this, 00:42 it's breaks down a lot more fertility in the soil that is already locked up in the soil. So if you've got a, a soil that's got high PPM 00:52 of phosphorus, for instance, somewhere where you use a lot of, you know, phosphorus, um, manure, you know, 00:58 whether it's litter or whether it's hog manure or whether it's, you know, cow manure or whatever, it has the ability to break 01:05 that down a lot better than just a straight old school nutri charge, which we all know and we all love. 01:11 We know it works. We love it. We know it works really, really well. Well, I can tell you this new one is a game changer. 01:19 Like I'm talking about a game changer, uh, as far as that goes. Um, a humongous amount of breakdown. 01:26 Uh, we're still learning how to use it. You can't use it in in furrow 'cause it's too hot. You can use it in a tuba two. 01:34 Um, and it, and it works very well there. Well, I got a lot more plans for that stuff. So, coming to you soon. 01:41 I got a lot of trials that I wanna put that stuff through next year. I'm gonna try really hard to make it go the other way, 01:48 but right now it's a straight positive ROI and a big one. So if you're a member, check it out on our data page. 01:57 You're gonna get to see it at the end of the year. It's pretty big return. See you guys.

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