Enhancing Crop Resilience: Kelly's Success with Fall Fungicide Application on Winter Wheat
4 Oct 232 min 12 sec

They learned about adding a fall fungicide application to his winter wheat crop last season from Temple Rhodes. Despite the really dry winter, Kelly says the plant health was really good early on as a result of this fungicide fertility pass in the fall.

00:00 This is Kelly gear from Extreme Ag here with Mike Evans. We've got a rain coming in tomorrow. The winter wheat is up. 00:05 It looks nice for the first time in three years 'cause it's been so dry here. We got an inch of rain last week. Had a nice week. 00:11 So the wheat does look really good. I think the stand looks good. Evans is going out to put a fertility pass on yet tonight we've got these four 00:18 products in there plus a fungicide. I'm gonna let Mike tell you the details. Yeah, so it's uh, been what, 00:23 95 feels like a hundred last four or five days. So we're gonna go spray it at night here. Uh, but uh, we got it planted about 10 days earlier than normal. Yep. So we actually got, 00:35 uh, pretty good stand, uh, wrap about the same stations we were last year when it went into normalcy. So we're way ahead of schedule right now. Uh, 00:44 we did some seed treatment on the wheat, uh, but we're coming here with fall. We're gonna put a fungicide on. Then we're gonna put on, uh, 00:51 a few other products just to kind of give it a little bit of kick, so to speak in the fall. Uh, 00:57 obviously the fungicide for disease gonna get cool wet here. So We've learned, we've learned about this fall fungicide pass from temple. 01:04 We tried it last year. Yep. Even though it's so dry, the wheated had mixed results. You could really see the plant health coming into spring was great. 01:10 So I really think that temple's onto something with the fall fungicide pass. He's been doing it for years. It's great. Yep. 01:16 We've got the full tech adjuvant in. Yep. From spray tech, we've got a couple solar products, energy, power, yield, enhancer plus. 01:24 Right. This one's got a big name. It's five words, but I just call it fortified. Stimulate, uh, for short. But that's our P G R A, well balanced P g R. So good root growth, 01:34 keep that root growth going. Energy power will help that root, uh, keep expanding, keep growing. And uh, then we put our fulvic acid, 01:41 Fulvic acid that we get in free Source and uh, just kind of give it another little extra. So, uh, also help these products in the product, uh, products get in the plant. 01:50 That's what the fulvic acid is there for Me. Yeah. We're standing here. It's a Monday night, the 2nd of October. Tomorrow night my phone says a hundred percent chance of rain, 01:59 which means it probably won't. Nope. But we'll be prepared with our fertility pass going out, our fungicide pass and hopefully for the first time in three years, 02:05 we've got some wheat to be proud of. Yep.

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