Enhancing Crop Flow with XPR 3 Concaves Installation: Benefits and Observations
10 Jul 241m 7s

In this video, Kevin talks about the installation and evaluates the new XPR3 concaves. The new concaves are designed with a modified angle to eliminate the need for filler plates and bands in various conditions. This update aims to enhance crop flow and improve threshing efficiency.

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00:00 So we're installing the XPR three concaves. We're leaving the separator grates. There's no change in them, 00:06 but there's a new change in the angle that's used on these. And the purpose of this design is to eliminate having 00:13 to put the filler plates, the bands on the backside of this and small grain or in different conditions. 00:19 You can still add the bands if you need them. It's got the hooks on them. We've put barley so far with a stripper head, 00:25 and without the bands, no issues whatsoever. But if you look the old style, the Xpr twos, these was parallel. 00:32 They're straight. They come in perpendicular to the front of the rotor cage. These right here has got a slight angle on them, 00:38 so they come up more of the angle. They're not straight. This is supposed to change the crop flow. 00:44 Help aid to the thre ability. So we're going to see how this works. These right here has got tremendous acres on 'em. 00:51 Tremendous bushels, and you can see there's very little wire in it. So they've held up well. 00:57 We've not found any brakes in the welds, so we're pretty pleased with that. We're going to see how these hold up.

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