Enhanced Boom Control
17 Aug 226 min 7 sec

With 35 sections of control on this 120' boom, the first Fendt branded Rogator Sprayer in North America delivers enhanced section control for spray applications. Chad gets a first hand look.

00:00 Hey extreme ad coming at you from the Barnyard at Henderson farms in Madison, Alabama chat Henderson founding father of 00:06 extreme Ag and Dave fickle. He is a marketing manager with agcoast. The most important thing a sprayer does is this right here, right? It's a decent Engine with some 00:15 big tires and a tank of liquid. It's this right here on the ground this right here. So tell me what the promise of the new Fint Rogue 00:24 Gator sprayer is on this 120 foot. Boom. What am I looking at this different at a differentiating factor from a normal sprayer start with you? Well, I'll start 00:33 like I said we but I'm one day in on it. So I'm gonna get two or three more days with this thing. We don't get to spray some more hot some hot 00:39 crop corn. You know, this is tassel time. This is fungicide time. So we're spraying corn in the later stages. We sprayed some yesterday. That was roughly 00:48 17 15 16 17. Yeah. It was high as the hood. So we sprayed some tall corn and say we're gonna spray some beans today. And so we've got several things to 00:59 look at. One day in but this thing the way the boom sections are going to work. I'm really liking what's what I got going so far. All right, boom sections. It's something that doesn't 01:08 mean most of me until we hit the record on this. I see 120 foot. Boom sprayers are great big compare the old days and there's 01:14 a nozzle about what every 15 inches. You got it. All right. What's a sprayer sections? That means 15 inches? Yes. So on this machine here, like you said, it's a 120. So on 01:23 a 15 inch nozzle spacing this machine actually has 35 Banks or 35 sections of control that 01:29 you can shut on shut off as you go what we have here is just our standard on/off nozzle, right our e stops. What you can also do is put a pulsing system on it. 01:38 Let's say if you want to have individual nozzle control, so guys are used to having 16 or less. Let's say standard 01:44 on this road gator right here. It's 35. I mean minor standard 11 machines are standard at 11. This is standard at 35. Why does that matter to me Chad? Why 01:53 does it matter? It's it's about you know, everything we're doing is about efficiency. You know, the farmer I'll take the American Farmer. We'll 01:59 put them against Anybody out there that wears a fishing as anybody we're trying to clean up as much anybody. Sometimes we catch a bad 02:05 rap was about runoff or phosphorus or nitrogen or whatever and we're trying to do the we're doing our part, you know to maintain that we're not overspraying it all 02:14 we're not under spraying. We're not over spraying we're Precision spring and that's what we're doing now. All right, so the business end of 02:20 the sprayer is this boom this boom does something else you told? Yeah about a couple of things so good again, the promise of the product. This 02:26 is where everything matters you said something about the ability for it to be purged versus the multiples of gallons because yeah and that inch and 02:35 a half pipe where all the juice comes out over 20 feet. That's a lot of gallons. Yeah. That's that's a great point and back to to what he was talking about on efficiency. Right? 02:44 So we have our Liquid Logic system on this machine we came out with that five years ago in 2017. It works. 02:50 So well on the C Series rogated we have it on the front row Gator that we have here. Right? So what we can do is we 02:56 can actually Prime this boom as we're unfolding because it's a 02:59 Calculating system, right we can bring product in from the inside and the outside right? So it's a closed loop system what that also allows us to do to your point on the efficiency and 03:08 the efficacy and waste is let's say we're done earlier, you know, maybe we have some product left in the boom. There's about 30 or 40 gallons in this Plumbing right now, 03:17 right so we can bring all that back to tank and offload it or save it, you know to be used later dumping on the driveway. Exactly. So what's interesting the average person wouldn't think 03:26 that in a boom just because it's only this big right? It's still maybe 40 gallons. I'll tell you when you don't think about it. It's when you don't think about is when you sit down and you just finish spraying 03:35 corn and you clean the system out real good and you sit in and being feel and you kill about 500 feet, then you think about it. Yeah, or when you start and 03:44 you clean the whole system you've been wide dropping and you put water and you take off and you sit in and you take out spraying and 03:50 it's run away for five on your feet. Yeah because it's a fact that I don't think you can I know the sprayers currently running. 03:56 I don't think I can Purge the system and get the system with Within it in under 40 gallons. Yeah. Okay. So 04:02 40 gallons a lot when you start talking about like you said, then you either kill because you got residual in there or you don't even treat right? So, you know, we can't set it down out here in 04:11 the field put 40 gallons out on the ground, you know, we're gonna do it a lot of times in a driveway somewhere because it's just pretty rough. Yeah, but you have 04:17 to start and you can physically see it changing colors as it goes out the boom, you know, and a lot of people put die in it and 04:23 come up with these numbers, you know, but that's what it would logic changes that because it's actually plumbed to about every six or 04:29 ten feet. Yeah. It'll actually circulate all the way to the end of the boom and come back. So you're Purge your mixing. Let's say you have water and whatever but you just 04:37 Sending all Loop then other promises since Chad. We tell he may want to finish on that. I think he's got some good points there. Like I said, you like it you get 04:46 the recirculation aspect you can do the agitation in the tank. You're gonna make sure that that product is properly suspended in your carrier. 04:52 And if it's not spended right you might have some hot spots you might have some incorrect applications. So Liquid Logic not 04:58 only from a waste standpoint of capturing all this product but it helps ensure that that application is done properly 05:04 right when it comes to the promise of the product. What else Chad excites you about the boom feature on this sprayer that maybe 05:13 we didn't have in years ago. Well, like with folds the front folds with folds all the way around to start with with those all around start with and info it's back. 05:22 Okay. So right now is some of these other sprayers that I've run we fold back first and then the tips go out 05:28 at about a 45 degree angle upward. So if you're not if you're around any power lines or anything you just come into a field it is a hazard to some point now 05:37 you Everybody does a good job of looking and seeing where they unfold at kind of paying attention to that. But at some 05:43 point it's not if it's wind. Yeah, because you might be it might be dark and you had to move the sprayer. It could just tired. She'd been working hard for a week. And then you don't catch a fact 05:52 that your boom is about to catch a power line or a tree limb or a bridge or whatnot. All right, 05:58 we're gonna be going to the field be watching this because you know what, you're gonna see some really cool stuff stay tuned.

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