Efficient Post-Harvest Equipment Care: Cleaning, Greasing and Belt Maintenance
10 Dec 231 min 48 sec

Chad Henderson from XtremeAg shares his tips for post-harvest cleaning, greasing, and belt maintenance designed to prolong the life of your agricultural equipment. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're going to talk just for a second about what we do to our machines. 00:06 You know, we get 'em in here, we clean 'em up after harvest and after we clean 'em up 00:11 and give 'em a good washing, you know, which some people's yes, wash some people's no, don't ever wash one, which going to blow it off real good. 00:18 Um, and, and I can't say that either one of 'em different but me. I don't like that fact 00:22 that I'm gonna put mine out here in the shed. We have multiple machines gonna put 'em in the shed and grain bins around here. 00:28 We know we have, everybody has a rat and running around at some point, you know, so I'm gonna get 'em as clean as possible 00:34 and then when we do, we're gonna set 'em out in the shed or whatever, let 'em dry. 00:38 Once we let 'em dry, we're gonna back 'em back outta the shed. We're gonna let 'em sit here, run for 15, 20, 30 minutes 00:44 and just let the machine sit idle with the whole machining gear. It's sitting here running. Now, once we do that, 00:50 it lets everything warm up. Then we're going to grease 'em real good when we grease 'em. We're gonna let 'em sit and run another 15 or 20 minutes 00:57 and it just pushes any water that we pushed in because, you know, we did with a pressure washer, we blow water in the bearings. 01:03 So we're gonna push that water out with the grease and then let 'em sit there and grease up. Good. Put 'em away for the, I guess not for the winter, 01:11 but for the winter until we get created cup wheat again. A couple more things going do is check the belts. 01:16 When we check the belts, we're gonna release a bunch of the belts. Not all the belts that have the spring tension 'em on 'em, 01:21 but the ones that are prone to crack my feet, accelerator belts on the deer machines will do that. Um, so we'll release all the belts 01:28 that we can without a whole, whole, whole lot of work just to where they sit and they're not 01:33 sitting there in that one spot. Still cracking that one spot. So just a few tips from us on what we do to our machines 01:41 help ensure better life on bearings and belts.

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