Educating Youth on Livestock
13 Apr 233 min 20 sec

Temple takes a look at what 2023 Ag Awareness Day is doing to educate the public on livestock farming.

00:00 Hey guys, this Temple race from extreme AG. This is one more station that we're doing at agawareness day. This is Jessica Clark. She's from Farm Credit. She's helped put 00:09 on this thing for how many years now Jessica. This is the seventh year we've done egg awareness day. So explain us 00:15 what agawareness day is here in the in our County sure. So what we do is we bring all the seventh graders from Queen Anne's County to one location 00:24 and we have five different educational stations that we rotate them through that teach them about pretty much everything in agriculture in Maryland 00:33 that they see so we have aquaculture we have technology in our equipment. We pull in tractors and combines and show 00:42 them how we use technology and that equipment for production grain production. And then we also have 00:49 all of our farm animals and we show them how farm animals are used in agriculture not only for meat production, 00:58 but all the bride product. That we get from our livestock as well. And then we also have a plant station 01:07 that shows us pretty much everything from seed to harvest. So everything in between? 01:14 And we are here for a series of two days and we have about 650 students that come through here between the two days. So we got 650 students 01:23 that get to come here and see what agriculture is all about that they have no idea soil or a lot of them shock. Yeah, it's really Hands-On activities 01:32 that we do so it really connects them to what they see when they're out in their community. So they see a lot of poured houses 01:41 here on the Delmarva. So we actually have a virtual. pretty much that they put on and it puts them inside a poultry house. 01:52 So they're not only now. They're now making that connection. Okay, I see these when I drive down the road, but now I've been inside of one so they understand 02:01 how important the poultry is to the Delmarva as well as they have learned through the other stations why we produce so much grain that we 02:10 do here on the Delmarva because we feed that poultry industry. That's really cool so mad line. This is 02:16 your station. This is my daughter Madeline Rose. This is your station. You're in the beach that station. So 02:22 what is it that you're telling these young kids? Okay. So I'm telling everyone like all the young kids. These 02:28 are showcals. So I'm telling I'm like all about their hair Cycles their feed, but we do like and wash them and basically what just like what 02:37 we do as the show industry, but not only the show and she's industry but also the meat industry, so like steers all 02:43 raise them from September to August to our County Fair and then end up sending them down the road to get me for our industry and to feed 02:52 the community. Basically, you're trying to teach them how to grow fluffy cows. Is that what you're telling me? Yeah, because Kelly Garrett says that we're a 02:59 recreational Cattlemen and then will and all the other guys say that you know, all you do is raise fluffy cows. Yeah, well. 03:08 On my own Personnel kid. There's no Idols. It's just me and just live in our own world. All right, we'll be back to you soon more education for agriculture.

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