Educating Youth on Farm Technology
13 Apr 232 min 34 sec

For many of the young people in Temple's area, their exposure to agriculture is limited to what they see out their window on the way to the beach. Temple looks at what young people can learn at 2023 Ag Awareness Day.

00:00 Hey guys, it's temporary from extreme AG. We're here today Queen Anne's County and our state we're doing a 00:06 special thing out here. They're promoting agriculture awareness and they got different stations here. It's really cool where they promote all different things. So they 00:15 got beef here. They got Dairy here. They got agriculture production and each station. They're trying 00:21 to teach something a little bit different. So this is why shoe Brooks it's one of our newest members from extreme AG, um, 00:27 why it tell us some more about what you're doing what your station is. Alright. So basically my station is I'm explaining 00:33 them all the mechanical statistics and where it all starts with the come by and over here. We have an older piece from the eighteen seventies 00:42 or so that we demonstrate them from what we have to use before. We had one of these machines here. 00:49 So, um Temple here my son. He's he's involved in this too. And he's helping take kids from Station to Station and trying to promote agriculture. 00:58 So what this whole thing is about it's about promoting and getting awareness for agriculture where you know, this promotes, um 01:07 safe food safe agriculture what we're trying to do, right? You know, we're we're conservationist, you know, we're trying to we're stewards of 01:16 the land. So this is what we're trying to do. This is the kind of thing that Queen Anne's County and and art our state is trying 01:22 to promote it's really good that we get this kind of awareness out there. So we'll go back to this. So why 01:28 you're a new member of extreme night like why did you join a stream night? Basically then make more make more out a little 01:38 so basically you're trying to get a better Roi on what you're trying to do. Like, what's your so what's your future plans? Like are you going to college because straight back to farm. I'm 01:47 gonna go to the University of Maryland AG Institute for two years and come back and take all the grain for me industry. So you're 01:56 going right back to the farm. So you're gonna go take some Agronomy take some marketing classes and that kind of thing. That's awesome. 02:02 So Temple, what are you gonna deal? I'm planning on doing the same thing. Actually. I'm planning on going to Maryland for the two year AG degree and come 02:11 back to the farm and Hopefully start my own Farm one day. So you're gonna leave me. Oh, yeah. I'm getting ready 02:18 you. What why who's the best who's your favorite extreme mad guy? Temple roads 02:25 I never thought I'd hear that. Thanks, buddy. We'll be back to you soon.

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