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Kelly and new XtremeAg affiliate, Sam

"of the North"

Coutu talk about the


 trials they are going to conduct this season, including a new dual-action boron product. 

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag. We're here in the spray Tech booth at the national farmer Machinery show in Louisville. I'm 00:06 here with John from spray Tech. And also I'd like to introduce Samuel. Could you he's a new extreme AG affiliate. We'll be conducting some spray Tech trials this 00:15 year for us Sam Farms about an hour north of Montreal and let him introduce himself. 00:20 I I'm first generation farmer. I'm a farming on the North short of the Saint Lawrence River. 00:27 I'm farming corn wheat and beans doing some custom works also duck trucks but more and more in the farming side of 00:36 it. So that's why I introduced to extreme hag want to push higher more benefit more Roi So we're gonna contract some trials and see 00:50 what we can do from it this year. Sam's gonna be using full Tech adjuvant. He's gonna be using the cube and he's 00:56 gonna be using more on Max full-tech and the cube are just grower standard practices for us because we've had such great results with them. So I'm really optimistic to Sam will have 01:05 the same results Boron. Max will be a new product for us on our farm this year too. They'll be our main Boron Source. We're really excited about 01:11 that John's gonna explain these products in a little bit better details. Well, the boromax product is a 01:17 brand new product that we have on our catalog and the main idea of this product is a more concentrated form of forum. And what we 01:26 actually have on that product is two sources of forum, which is gonna complement each other one being Readily available to the plans right right away 01:35 when you spray it and one is Gonna Last a little bit longer. So you have an effectance right away there and we 01:41 have an effect that's gonna last a little bit longer in the plane. Also, you have the full text technology in that product which is 01:47 going to increase performance of the product plant-up take it's gonna be a lot easier for the product to move in 01:53 the plant and that's what we're expecting with that product two timies that we can use that product one being B5 01:59 V7 and one being like our one aren't you as we were talking about d5e7. We're looking for leaf expansion cell division our one 02:08 archu. We're looking for flower retention, you know, each flower will become a pot and each part three four green three four 02:17 seats. So that's what we're expecting to see on and he's formed also as well here exactly. We've 02:23 had great results with the cube. I'm huge on plant health. I sometimes think that we are over fertilizing or spending too much money on fertility we 02:32 need Concentrate more on plant health and plant stress in the Cube's a big part of that. 02:36 Well, I'm super excited that Sam's part of extreme AG. This is one of the greatest extreme egg videos that I've been part of Sam's and 80 tongue is French John's native 02:45 tongue is Spanish. Mine's obviously English. We maybe are gonna have to go to subtitles next. I'm not sure. But thank you.

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