Getting Your Crop Ready For A Drought
28 Jun 235 min 9 sec

Mike Evans talks about what they are doing on Kelly's farm to get the crop ready for a potential drought.

00:00 You're staring down a drought. Now what? That's the question that we're gonna ask Mike Evans. Evans, you've lived through a couple of these. You referenced 2021 was a dry year. We, 00:07 everybody talks about 2012. Uh, a lot of people wanna give up, Hey, you know what? It's gonna be a crop insurance year. 00:13 Your recommendations on how to salvage a drought. You know, here it is. Third week of June, almost the end of June, it's dry now. What? 00:21 Yeah, you referenced 2021. And I've been referencing on that to some guys here recently. June was dry. We had a little more subsoil moisture than we do now, um, currently, 00:30 but I remember corn rolling up 2021 and you know, everybody's like, oh no, now what are we gonna do? And we just looked down the pipe and said, 00:40 we're gonna keep looking at it, keep planning on doing things that we we're gonna do. And uh, you know, we got some rains in July. It wasn't much. 00:47 We got enough timely rains that have made a big difference. We had great crops. So I think one thing right now, it's easy to go, well, 00:53 corn's rolling up looks crappy. It's, we're no rain in the forecast, but crop's at a stage right now where it's starting to take up more water. Yes. 01:01 But it's still not panic button mode in my eyes. So, uh, I think just stay the course and, and keep watching and trying to keep, 01:09 keep it alive. So any uh, survival tips? You know, uh, hey, used to be, there's a blizzard coming. Keep a candle and a cup of, 01:17 and a and a coffee can and a blanket in your car. Gimme the survival tips when there's a drought. Uh, did you even know that about a blizzard? 01:23 Did you even know when there's a blizzard supposed to have a candle, a coffee can and a blanket in your car? 01:27 Yeah, dad always said that. So, So, you know, that's an old time thing. All right, gimme the survival tips and a drought. Um, 01:32 So like we'll put on some products, uh, on our post app to try to get us through things like this so they show up. So like Shield X uh, is one pro product that we use for stress mitigation. 01:43 Your post app, you mean first application of herbicide? Yes. Yeah, like V4 V five. Got it. That guys make, so we kind of planned that, built that in to begin with. Yep. Just trying to get to the next stage. Um, 01:56 product like Terra Bar would be a great product to add. And You put that in at, 02:00 You can put that into post, you can do it later in the season too. Kind of any time. 02:04 Is it, is it foliar or drop? Foliar. Okay. Foliar. Got it. So, Um, 02:08 The whole purpose of these is to give that crop a little bit more chance cuz it helps it tolerate the, the tremendous heat and dryness. Yep. 02:15 Yep. Okay. Gives a better water efficiency use. All right. I haven't heard coffee canned blanker candle yet. Go ahead. And then, uh, from that point on, it's just kind of watching it and uh, 02:25 you know, built the program beginning, but now we're going to look at later on. So actually kind of unique to us, 02:32 we're gonna start applying some V12 passes here with a helicopter next week on Kelly's stuff to help it handle the mitigation stress. Now people will be like, 02:39 well that's another expense. Yes, but the crops, this crop, this field actually will be one that gets it there looks really good, um, 02:48 has a lot of potential yet. So we're gonna put some stress mitigation products on it and add an extra path. You're talking about adding a lot of stuff Evans and you're talking about doing 02:55 some work, but there's a cost to all this. How much we talking about it for other things you just talked about that are stress mitigation, uh, passes 03:01 With the application and everything we're looking to do probably top in, it'll be 35, 30 $6 costs. About six bushel of corn. Yeah. Um, for a guy at 03:09 These current prices? Yeah, at the current whatever the cash price. Well We might have $10 corn if there's no corn. Right. 03:13 But that's what these droughts do. Yeah. So it's, you know, it is, there's inherent cost. Some guys, you know, that's a big, I get it. It's a big concern. So, 03:22 but we still feel like there's a lot of potential in this farm. We know this is a good farm. It's historically been one of Kelly's best. 03:26 So if we do get, uh, rain in July, we wanna be set up for that. Hit that home run type thing. 03:33 Got it. Those are your tips on how to get through drought. Anything else? Yeah, I just say keep looking at your crop. 03:39 Stay optimistic. Stay optimistic and don't be afraid and don't be afraid to take, you know, take 40 acres of field like this and spray something and try and spend a little 03:48 money to learn something. Well, that's The one thing you've referenced. 2021, I obviously 20 12, 19 88, the granddaddy of 'em all. 03:53 Unless you're talking about the mid 1930s in terms of drought years. So the one thing that you can always get better about your farming game is 03:59 remembering what you did, documenting what you did in 21. Yeah, you know what? We went crazy. 04:04 We went out here in 40 acres and we tried this and I'll be damned if it didn't work. That's kind of what you're talking about. 04:08 Yeah. We did that in 2021 too. When I referenced that we did some applications on some, some of the stuff Kelly did, and we saw a good roi. I mean we, we set it up, 04:16 you know, I think this farm here probably did about two 80 and people are looking at hills going, how'd that happen? But we just, 04:20 we kept pushing and it's got a lot of potential and we just kept going and we got it rain in July and another we're in August. Yeah. 04:27 So it's, and, and the roots are established, so Yeah. It's way too, to give it up on this, I forgot to tell you, it's not just a candle, 04:34 a coffee can in a blanket. You also need matches or a lighter because the idea is when there's a blizzard, you put down your window, your strand on the roadside, 04:40 you take the coffee can and dip out some snow, light the candle, melt it, and that way you at least have water so you don't dehydrate. 04:45 Cover yourself up in the blanket. You know what else you could do? Just don't go out in a blizzard. That's the idea. Anyway, 04:51 lots of educational stuff Besides Blizzard survival stuff, Mike Evans giving us great tips here from area in Iowa about, 04:57 now it's a drought. Now what? Damien Mason coming at ya. Great Share this with somebody that can benefit from it.

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