Drip Irrigation Start-up
7 Jul 222 min 42 sec

Kelly is starting up his Netafim subsurface drip irrigation system for the first time this season. Kurt Grimm from NutraDrip explains the start-up process.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG. I'm here today with Kurt Grimm. The owner of Nutri drip Curt is our dealer for our 00:06 netifem drip irrigation system. We're here middle of June Curt's here to do startups and stuff. His team will be coming in here a little bit. We're gonna 00:15 start firing up all three systems that we've got something we do every year Curt makes 00:21 it look easy to me. I'm gonna let him explain a little bit while the startup of the net effect system what it entails do that. 00:27 So every spring we come in and do what we call a Spring startup. So any irrigation system requires maintenance, but 00:33 spring is definitely one of the most important times to come in we pressure everything up open all the flush valves flush the drip line. So that's 00:42 one of the ways that we keep a drip system running for 30 years is to keep it clean and part of that is to flush it. So we're 00:48 gonna do those flushing operations this spring make sure everything is good and cleaned out then we'll check flow and 00:54 pressure on every Zone to make sure that the zones are operating the way they're supposed to and we'll look at flow over. 01:00 To make sure it's it's maintaining where it's supposed to be if we have high flow or low flow. We'll look into what's causing that 01:06 and obviously provide remedies for that. So we'll put therm way of thermal drones. We use put up in the air we'll be able to detect if there's any leaks out in the field. We'll fix those 01:15 and and really get the system ready to go and and turn it on for irrigation season. The technology of the system really is kind of amazing to 01:24 me. This system is on a well. He's fired up the system up the road a little bit that sucks out of surface water a little Dam that we build and he 01:33 was looking at the history of it and it appears that at the end of last year somewhere throughout last year. He's pointed out that the flow drops about 30% which 01:42 something, you know, I wasn't aware of just from watching it every day. Like maybe I should have been but Kurt's pointed out looking at the history from the the technology on the system. 01:51 Let's drop 30% He says it's happening at their place, too. They're coming up with a remedy for he's gonna take care of it for some that's the kind of service that we get from neutral. Yeah. So those 02:00 are things we're watching we watch it on an annual basis check those kind of things in that situation because it's 02:06 surface water. We've got a little biological build up put some hydrogen peroxide in there and we'll be good to go. So 02:11 It depends on what the issue is what we use sometimes if there's a high iron. Well, we might use some 02:17 acid in the acid will eat the iron away. So there's different remedies for different problems. Yes. Absolutely. I'm a 02:23 first generation irrigator without nutrigrip and net of him support. This would be this would be a steep climb for me to figure this 02:32 out. So I really appreciate everything they do. Thanks. Appreciate it. Thanks Kelly.

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