Dried Out & Planted in Two Weeks With Tile
26 Jun 233 min 9 sec

Kevin is planting into a field that 2 weeks prior was a complete muddy mess.  He looks at the results of his ADS tile system and talks about the tile he uses.

00:00 So this, here's the field where we was doing some tile work, um, a couple weeks ago and planting it today. If you remember, 00:10 we had water standing everywhere, tractor's getting stuck. Um, couple tractors hooked together. It was just absolutely a mess. But, um, 00:20 this is what tile does and this is what your tile looks like, tile ground looks like. 00:26 And we'll come back in here next year and we'll do some more land planting and leveling. But, um, pretty, that gum impressive, 00:34 uh, how well it's dried out. And just basically two weeks time we got it where we could work it and grow good crop on it. So as you look right here, 00:46 you can see we do have the surface, uh, little valley right there. That's where the previous ditch was that we filled in and then we moved it over 00:54 to the property line. Um, that's this farm bought a few years ago, just trying to do some improvements. 01:00 So I don't care how much tile work you do on the ground, we still gotta take care of this. 01:04 We're gonna have problems with this right here, but we'll get it. We'll, we takes a year or two to get things right. Dirt settles out, but just, 01:13 just don't think. And if you put tile in and you don't do surface water work on top, then it's all gonna be beautiful. 01:19 This is where we had to pull the tractor through. We was absolutely is waters standing everywhere here. We've got that took care of. Now we've got on planet have a good crop, 01:30 we're still going have to come back and do some land leveling and all. You can see the tile lines, 01:35 you can kind of see a difference right in there of the different colors. That's where the tile lines run underneath and um, 01:42 they're doing a phenomenal job. So apparently we put 'em in correctly. You seen the before, the after, 01:48 now this fall with the combine in here up the west and decent results. But one reason that I choose to use the ad s tile, 01:58 I was doing that long before we ever had extreme ag. They've always had a good quality product, but we'd have to get socks on it. And this new tile, 02:07 tile now not required to have socks. It's called a extra fine slit. It's just a real fine slice in it. 02:15 You about gotta bend the pipe in order to see it and um, it keeps the sediment from getting in there and stopping those pipes up and it 02:23 makes the longevity of 'em, uh, what we hope will be much, much better. They work phenomenal taking the water off. So, um, 02:33 that's why we use the ad s pipe is the performance and the quality and the fact that we don't need to buy that sock. 02:40 So we can save some money on that. But if y'all have any questions or whatever, just um, send us a email, give us a call, 02:49 we'll help you choose it. But it's really important that you lay these tiles out properly and you know your soil types and you work with a reval company that can help you with it. 03:00 A lot of real good ones out there and do so that dozen excellent job, y'all. Stay safe. See you next trip.

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