Beer and Birdseed
22 Jul 232 min 46 sec

Wheat harvest is done and Temple just finished planting his double crop into the wheat stubble. This year he is trying something completely different...Sorghum/Milo. Here is his plan for making it work.

00:00 Well, weed harvest is over. We finished planting yesterday. It's July 15th out here. It's, uh, some areas have been really wet, 00:07 some areas have been dry. Um, but this is a little different video. Um, this actually the field that I'm in, 00:15 we have got terrible deer damage in this area. We've got another extreme ag member that's down here in this area. He's replanted his beans two, three times. Um, 00:26 we can't get any beans to grow down here. My father actually thought it was a good idea to just cut the wheat, leave it fallow, and don't do anything with this farm. 00:34 And that's not the way that we can't make money like that. But we can't make money by letting a deer eat the crap off either. 00:41 So this sorghum market came about, you know, sorghum, milo, whatever you wanna say. Um, 00:47 they're making Chinese beer and bird seed out of it. I, I, I don't know. I don't care. It was a good market. Uh, it's gonna sell well, 00:55 I think we're gonna store it. Um, anyway, here's what we got. So we planted it behind wheat, which is, 01:04 it's not something that I would ever do. Um, but I don't know if you can see it. You know, that's, it's a pretty good stand. You know, 01:14 it was a tremendous amount of residue. I was worried about it a lot because we didn't bail the straw this year. We just, um, we blew the straw out on the ground. So what's the next plan? 01:24 Right? So the next plan is, is how do we fertilize this? You know, we didn't put a popup in. We didn't put a tube of two on. Uh, 01:32 I was worried that on a two by two on top the ground, it would get tied up into the stroll too much. So I didn't do it. Um, so how am I gonna fertilize it from here? 01:41 So I'm gonna use the Johnny Verres way of side dressing, and I'm gonna start side dressing this corn with stream bars or stream tips. 01:49 Um, that's what we're gonna do. We planted in a 15 inch row, not in a 30 inch row. So I don't know how much of this this plant can take. So, 01:58 um, I know that the corn took it very well, what we ate at Seacat, and we added sugar to it to help buffer that salt just a little bit. 02:05 So we're gonna do the same thing here. I might add just a little bit more to this. Um, I'm probably gonna put some type of a, you know, residue eater in there. 02:13 I call 'em. And I'm gonna try to break down some of this straw. Maybe that way I can get a little bit of that fertility back in the plant. 02:20 Maybe I can get some of it broke down before it goes into reproduction stage. Reproduction stage. I'm gonna need a little bit of phosphorus. 02:27 So I'm also gonna put, uh, I'm gonna put Nutri charge in there as well. So, and that'll help stabilize the fertility. 02:33 That will help get me some more phosphorus into the plant. We're gonna see how it works and, uh, this is something totally different. 02:39 We're gonna follow it all the way through.

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