Doing the things that make life better
20 Jul 220 min 51 sec

In addition to farming corn, beans, rice, cotton and sometimes peanuts, Matt Miles also finds the time to give back to his community with a sweet crop.

00:09 Hi guys, Matt miles from extreme AG. This is a little corn patch. We have that we Pretty much grow this just for everybody to 00:18 have corn. So from people that don't have the money to buy it to different businesses and people that we deal with just this 00:24 kind of a courtesy. That's kind of our ammo here at our farm is, you know, try to get back Community get back to the land. 00:37 Do the things that we need to do to make life better? So if you need any corn? 00:42 Come to McGee, Arkansas. We'll load you.

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