A Quick Fix in A Low Spot on his farm: Drain Tile Installation
10 May 241m 5s

Kevin addresses a water management challenge on his farm by installing drain tile in a field with a low spot. He explains the process.

00:00 Putting in some drain tile today on some a DS work. Um, we've used a tremendous amount of a DS pipe. That's pretty much all I've ever used. 00:09 So this is on four x pipe. It's extra fine slit. We run a main lineup through the, um, low place there and kinda like a diversion for a ditch, 00:19 but it wasn't getting the job done. So we still had a low place out here in the field. Ran that main line up through the field. 00:26 Then we teed in to the, uh, main line with what we call laterals. And these laterals are on 35 foot centers. 00:34 And I'm very economical way to do this. We got our own plow. It's, uh, cheap. Does a real good job. 00:41 Um, you know, for small projects where you couldn't get a custom tile guy to come in, those guys do a phenomenal job. 00:50 Uh, they got some awesome equipment for these little small jobs like this. This here gold digger is ideal to do some own farm stuff. 00:57 When you catch a dry pocket, y'all stay safe.

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