Does He Need to Desiccate?
28 Oct 221 min 10 sec

Matt returns to the scene of the frost a few days later to determine if desiccation will be necessary on his 2nd crop soybeans. He shares his decision making process.

00:00 Hi guys, Matt miles here. We're back in our in our second crop soybean field planted, July 31st. 00:08 This is five days after the frost. So, you know looking at this field you would say there's no desiccation needed call Lee and talk to him 00:17 about you know beans it's been frosted on before because this is our first rodeo with this. We've got a lot of these. 00:24 And of course the beans don't look that great and then we've got a lot like this. So, you know what we're trying to figure out is how 00:30 long is it gonna take this one of mature. So we're going to go back to the drawing board kind of do a little research to see if maybe this is still, you know, a place 00:39 where we would do some desiccation. We're kind of thinking our mind right now, we're gonna talk a few people that we'll probably go 00:45 ahead and dessicate this field. We may use a little less rate simply because you know, the majority of 00:51 the beans are are Browner, but they're still you know, even when we talk about them being Brown, they're still butter beans and this is a what the 2020 third 01:01 of October we still got some time, but we do want to get weed in on this field. So stay tuned for more information.

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