Do Your Soybeans lack boron?
14 Jul 234 min 2 sec

Kelly Garrett asked Mike Evans a simple question: Are we putting enough boron on our soybeans? How much do you need? Will it generate a yield response? Mike Evans talks with Damian about boron on soybeans.

00:00 Dear soybeans, lack boron. And if they do, what is the yield penalty to you and your farming operation? That is what the lab that we're talking about right now seeks to find out. 00:08 I'm with Mike Evans, integrated Ag Solutions, uh, agronomist with Kelly Garrett here we are in a hilly soybean field and they've got a 40 acre lab going with spray tech all about boron. Talk to me. 00:20 Yeah, so we got the lab out here, um, that we're putting in for spray tech and uh, we're gonna be planning a boron product from them called Boron Max. 00:28 So one question Kelly asked me, this was just recent, like two weeks ago, and he goes, you know, Chad Henderson down in Alabama talks boron all the time. 00:36 He's a boron dude. And he goes, are we putting off a boron, enough boron on my operation? And I'm like, I don't know. 00:43 So they've come to us with a boron application. We're gonna put different rates of their Boron Max product and I'm pretty excited about it because their boron Max has got one, 00:52 it's got their adjuvant in it, which is the adjuvant we love here. And two, it's got two modes of boron it in it. 00:58 So it's got kind of a quick release boron that kind of really supplement that plant. And then it kind of have one that tails off, 01:04 give you some residual as we like to call in the ag industry and the plant. I've, uh, learned more about boron since joining Extreme Mag. I didn't know the, 01:12 that big of a deal. And then I was at the Farm Progress Show with, uh, Chad and my God, all I did was boron, boron, boron. 01:17 So here's the thing before we hit the record on this, uh, will, and I asked you the question, do soybeans even normally get a boron application? 01:25 And you said, most people don't put boron on. I'm like, well, is there a reason for that? And so that's what I'm trying to find out. 01:31 Am I getting a yield penalty? Am I getting stung if I don't put boron on, I guess is the question. 01:36 Yeah. So I think that's what we kinda aim to do with these applications we're gonna make behind us. Um, how much boron and need and does we get? 01:42 Do we get a yield response? I believe we do because borons important in the plant for cell wall structure. Also nodulation form formulation in the plant. And beans more noch. No, 01:53 no nodes. You get meets more opportunity for fruiting sites. So then Which means more pods, which means more soybeans. Here's the question. 02:01 These soybeans look a little rough. A, we're in a drought, you've had almost no rain. Uh, and no rain on the side of a hill is never good. 02:07 And then also this is where we got hailed out. Yep. And then some of this is replant beans. Did it change your boron application or did that stay the same? 02:15 No, that'll stay the same here. Cause boron doesn't go on at time of planting. It goes on over the top. Yeah, We're just getting to R one on these beans. 02:22 So that's time you wanna start applying boron. Okay. And It'll go out with another tank mix of what? 02:28 Uh, for this trial, we're just gonna put the boron out. Okay. So you I'll run over this witness sprayer only boron. Yep. We made some app. 02:36 Previous application was like full tech soybean impulse product on this whole farm. Um, 02:41 but then we're gonna come in with a boron so we can do the different rates and see the differences. 02:46 Evans, a lot of times we talk about, all right, we didn't know what we didn't know. What do you think? I mean, do you think that all of a sudden it's gonna become the norm? 02:52 Like five years from now we're gonna say we were back in the old days when we didn't even use boron on soy beans. 02:57 It could be. I mean, I, I think I'm excited to learn that. Learn what we see out here and we know we talk, 03:04 Kelly and I talk a lot about micronutrients. Yeah. And um, Boro's probably the one that gets the most press with zinc. 03:09 So I think we need to start looking at it and, and learn about it. All right. So the application going on, 03:15 you're going to single pass with just this product. So there's a cost of the product. Yep. And which I don't know what, call it six or 10 bucks an acre, I don't know. 03:22 Plus the cost of the sprayer and a manpower. So you're talking this is a $20 pass, 15 to 20 depending on what rates. 03:27 All right. So 15, $20 pass. We need to make a bushel half of soybeans to make this make sense. Yeah. And that's just break eat even. Yep. 03:34 So are you confident that's what you're gonna see? I think we'll see that out here. You know, with the nutrition we have in this, in this field and stuff, adding that in, we should see response. 03:42 Doubt it. So the question we asked, is your soybean field lacking boron? Do your soybeans like boron? Are you getting a yield penalty? 03:48 Is there a yield drag because you're under boron? Stay tuned because that's the question we're gonna answer when this field gets harvested. 03:53 And we're gonna hit that again with my friend Mike Evans coming at you from Iowa. Thanks for being here.