John Deere Planter Upgrades: A DIY Guide for Enhanced Performance
3 May 242m 35s

Kevin Matthews details the steps for upgrading his John Deere planter with a DIY kit. This upgrade involves installing new electrical components and LED lights, designed to modernize old planters at a lower cost than buying new equipment.

00:00 So I had some folks call and ask me about this planter upgrade. They knew we was doing one 00:04 different ones just talked about it. They're wanting to know just exactly, you know, how much trouble it is to do. 00:09 And, um, you know what? I was involved and I did a video on this earlier, and I'm gonna just go in a little more detail here. 00:15 I'm not gonna spend much time, but I just wanna show you how good a job that they've done to show you exactly what you need to do and, 00:21 and how to go about applying this. If you want to do it yourself to save some money and take an old planter 00:26 and make it practically a new planter minus your toolbar frame so you can get it in paper 00:31 or you can get it in electric. And I've got it on my iPad right here. It's pretty self-explanatory, 00:36 but this is where people get confused. They're, they're concerned whether they can actually do this or not. 00:41 So John Deere, what they've done is they've got this part number, it's a bundle number right there, BUS 00:47 for bundle number 45 6 31, and this is the under the row u under the frame row unit light that's going on right now. 00:54 You can see by the illustration, they got everything color coded. So let's go over here. 00:59 You can see the packages, the pallets that came in and we've done been tying into 'em. And that's when I realized I need to do a video. 01:05 So this whole box right here is BU 45 6 31. Everything I need to complete the task that you just seen. Here's my LED lights. 01:21 There's my LED light, there's my, my brackets, here's the zip ties. So that's how they arrange it, pretty much 01:31 is put in the boxes the way you're going to be taking 'em outta the boxes, which is neat because you're not having 01:37 to dig all the way down into the bottom of the box to find the parts that you need. But you can see on each of these boxes, 01:43 they've got that bundle number. It's pretty neat the way they've done it. Makes it really easy to do these planter upgrades yourself. 01:52 It does take some time and obviously the first planter you do takes a lot longer than the second planter. 01:57 But Jim and Ed, they've done a phenomenal job and Jordan and them boys getting these things done. 02:03 And I've been doing a lot of the work on the electrical side myself trying to get it. We just work at it as a team. 02:08 But, um, again, it's a good way to get a new planter at a fraction of the cost of what a actual new planter would cost you 02:16 because you can do this work yourself. You will have to get John Deere come and download the software in, 02:21 but that's normally part of the bundle package when they sell you these parts here. I hope this helps you a little bit 02:28 and if you have any questions, just go to extreme AG and put a question in and, and we'll help you with this.

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