Did it Work? Kelly Learns About the Fulltec Adjuvant
7 Jul 221 min 1 sec

Kelly talks with his neighbor about his experience using the


 Fulltec adjuvant on a spray application last season. Kelly will be trialing it this season.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly here from extreme AG. We're here today with John Scott from motorboat, Iowa. John purchased a product from spraytech. 00:06 It's their full Tech adjuvant John's going to tell us how it was to use full Tech. Well, I met Kelly last winter in this whole 00:14 thing started out. We've been we've had a white mold issue in the beans and Kelly's leading me to some products here 00:20 for some crop Health, but we started out with the full Tech we use that in the corn. We sprayed the Acura on 00:26 GT and we're a little bit worried about being gummy and kind of coming up inside the sprayer as most of you know, it can be a real problem. We 00:35 sprayed the full Tech two ounces an acre. It was unbelievable. I will never spray again without using full tank the stuff was amazing the inside 00:44 of the sprayer mix so nice the spray held consistent and inside of this spray tank was 00:50 absolutely spotless. It was awesome. Well, thank you John. We appreciate your sharing that with us today.

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