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Shannon Norwood from Tri-Green Equipment stops by Chad's shop to share a few important deadlines, updates and changes regarding Deere technology.

00:00 Hey y'all, Chad Henderson here with extreme mag. And we're here with Shannon Norwood. Today. We're here today to talk about something that is not 00:06 for everybody and some of y'all won't even have them anymore. I know our farm is kind of rolling out of them, but she just bring us into what you 00:12 what you want to discuss with people what to know. What's coming very good Chad. We want to make everybody aware that 00:18 towards the end of this year. We will not be able to order activations for 2600 displays any longer. So I would like to certainly clarify that 00:27 if you have a 2600 display that is operational. Nothing is going to change you know with that. It's just if you have a display that has auto track and you think you might need section control 00:36 on it in the future now is the time to make that purchase. So please reach out to your local John Deere dealer to get that order. I would recommend having that 00:45 done by the first of October to be ahead of the deadline. So when we get you straight, I got 2,600 screen. Don't run 00:51 out here in panic right still gonna be good, you know at some point in time in the next years up that might happen but not 00:57 now 2,600 still good, but just Ever want anything else going and get it done. That's exactly right. If you're considering upgrading to a 2630 something 01:06 like that and have the means to do that. Now would also be the time to make that transition. What about where we at? I know that deer had 01:12 a lot of stuff going on with parts and ships and things that where is is that from where we see? I know it's hard to 01:18 see across mother deer. But from where we're looking at. Is that kind of easing up some are we getting somewhere? We 01:24 got some 46 40s and three units from 26 30s, where we at them Well Chad where we are at locally is we are seeing 46 40 shipping now 01:33 some of those have been on order for you know eight months at this point in time, but we are starting to get product in similar on 01:40 the displays. We are sporadically getting shipments on displays and expect that that to be expect that to be called up as we approach the years end. Yeah. Well, I know 01:49 that's that's what we're hoping, you know within six months here. Everything's coming normal. 01:55 I would love that. So that ain't happening. I would love it. You know, we would love nothing more than to have the the product to you know to talk to everybody about 02:04 talk about the new the great new features in the gym for display family. So Shannon we talked about the 2600 deal and what's gonna 02:10 go with it. So where we at now? What's the next thing or is there anything else down the line that we didn't know about this coming? Okay, a big thing that we're focusing 02:16 on is working with customers to make sure that they have the 4G MTG and whatever Vehicles they have. 02:22 So as of the end of December 2021 the 3G cellular modems don't work anymore. So we have recently 02:31 got large shipment of Four G's in we really want to make sure everyone is updated with those so, you know some of 02:37 the things that Chad uses are 4G MTG 4 waiver remote display access. Yep, Rock and call in and see exactly what Chad or Lee saying. I don't plan. I don't know why we wouldn't we got 02:46 it figured out we got it. It's not you're saying like Chad always needs to call in. I'm pretty sure all sudden like 02:52 I'll be running Affinity. Did he you know, and here s*** is up what I just thought you might need some help with. All right. 02:59 Gonna say hi. Yeah. Just wondering how things are going. Yeah, you know that also enables our service department to send payloads over 03:08 the air to the machine. So that's a huge time says that's what we when we bought into this, you know, when Shannon come to me and 03:14 said hey Chad, we should upgrade these. We're we're gonna like well, you know really what has it benefit me. Well, you know it save us the trip. 03:20 I say this a service call, you know, it saves a time, you know, so now we can get them out long as they're turned on and activate. 03:26 It's sitting there running sometimes to be like, hey, just pull it out the shed. Let's sit down run that's update these things because you know, the biggest 03:32 fears of farmers what's going to feel and needing to update it in that day in the field? Yes because it just scares me to death 03:38 because you'll never know what comes or don't come, you know, you know update for so we're really like to update everything if you get a rainy 03:44 day keep it going keep it going. Keep it going get it rainy day get you updates done where you're sure everything works. So other than just 03:50 sending updates over the air or 4G also does other stuff. What is what is that? What else does that enable us to do that? Also enables data transfer so 03:59 Addition to send in your field data back to the Operation Center automatically when you finish a field it also 04:05 enables set up files to be sent to your machine in the field and also enables prescriptions to be sent over the air to machines running in 04:11 the field. That's why Jackson was on me all the time being like, hey, we need to get all 4 to 640s where I can all just set all this up from the house. That's right. Is 04:17 that right? That's right. One set up where everything's the same get your stuff updated because there's nothing worse. I know 04:23 the first of the year was going around, you know, we was talking about updating the balls. So well the Globes I guess they're called, you know, so make 04:29 sure and get the stuff updated before October first. Get it done. Thank you.

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