Cutting Our Input Costs With Variable Rate Seeding
8 May 231 min 56 sec

In the past there was little to no real relation between the input costs/ac and population/ac. The same input quantities are used on 22K and 38K population corn. But, Kelly did some math and discovered that with the


system input costs and population are connected, making the case for variable rate seeding.

00:00 Sitting here filling up with our two by two we were talking today about the amount of product that we're using in our infural application 00:06 because of the select shot system from capstan and it is a perspective. We never thought of we thought was kind of interesting we run a variable rate seating wreck in my 00:16 high yield areas. We plant up to 35,000 seats per acre and the low yielding areas. We're all the way down to 22,500 seats per acre because I 00:25 believe in trying to raise a half a pound of corn per stock in some areas. It just doesn't take that many plants more seats. Do 00:32 not equate to more yield at 24,000 population half a pound. That's still 212 bushel. My average proven yield is 210 215 bushel getting 212 00:41 bushel and a low yielding area is a real home run to me. That's the reason we have the variable rate seating wreck. Well now when you tie 00:48 that into the select shot system Where we're shooting a concentrated amount of fertility in furl on every seed that is moving up 00:56 and down with the population. So when we go from a high yielding area down to a low yielding area instead of doing it the old 01:03 way of just dribbling five gallons per acre our rate of info fertility and a low yield area is matching that population. I did the math the difference between 35,000 and 01:12 22,500 is a savings on inferral fertility of 36% So the select shot just isn't helping us by shooting a concentrated amount on every 01:22 seat which is you know about a 30% savings we documented last year. There's another added savings with my variable 01:28 rate prescription. I would encourage every grower to take a look at variable rate seating. All of our soils are variable there's 01:34 places that we want to push it places. We want to hold back I try to not manage by the field or even the acre anymore. I'm trying 01:41 to manage down to every square foot. We're not quite to that spot yet where it's every square foot, but we're getting as tight as possible to save 01:47 our input dollars and improve our yield production. Thanks.

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