Custom Soybean Tender

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7 May 239 min 35 secPremium Content

Kevin walks through the features on his custom soybean tender trailer in this member only video.

Extreme AG report here. I just want to talk about our tender trailer that we've got built. For our soybean planter and we our soybean planter. We're running an info. We're running two by two and just like a corn planter where we're putting everything in there and really but we're not not the high rates so we don't need as big a trailer but we got into situation. We was wanting to get a big a big trailer actually to use the availability with covid everything going on. We just kind of went this route and built her own. Our corn trailers already built similar to this. So I'm gonna kind of go through what we've done here. And if y'all just follow me right here. All right, so we got this tank right here on the back. That's this whole trailer setup kind of temporary. So if I get a bigger trailer or if I get a nice tender trailer or something set up for it to pull with a big tractor and trailer then I can take all this stuff off. I can put this on put these other tanks use on our irrigation for nurse train tanks and then everything's made so it can be used somewhere else. That was our thought process here, but we got a that's just a Water Rinse tank. That's just for washing your hands rinsing out jugs juggles. We've got just we got it strapped on there. Nothing fancy. It works good guys electric motor right here. Got our water hose. and got plenty of water hose. We can rent some planter off when you rinse whatever we need to off on it. We're running these enduroplast tanks. I really like the Indira blast tanks because I got a sump in it right here. So I'm pulling right out to Center song. This is a 1600 gallon tank and we're running eight gallons acre. So that gives me a 200 acre fill up and that's about all we can do in a day and if we're going to have a better day than that with that one planter than low on the whole Wing just get somebody to jump in this truck and run get some more we pull it with a one-ton truck most of the time and we're actually in the process of getting a single axle road tractor just to not an economy version just to pull our Goose next because we do so much work with goosenecks. We got two inch Plumbing here. And we've got this plumbed all of our all of our trailers are plumbed the same and all of our tanks are plumbed the same. So this whole backside is all tuba too everything from the center to trailer to the rear is to And same way with our corn everybody knows that the back of the trailer goes into two by two in the front goes in in for we always put a quick coupler right here on the suction side. So if we need to suck out of a toad or anything that we can do that we're actually on our corn trailer right now. We're putting a five gallon inductor right here. That way we can suck different products that we want to put maybe a just a small amount and put it into our tuba two tanks and rather than having to use a ladder and climb around take a chance of getting hurt. So that's something that we think about safety all the time. We got these super reels on here. They're electric reels. And so the way we've done that we we bought these and just work. I love these things. They work great. We got we put our battery right here. And then the truck keeps the battery charged. This is a marine battery. We got a circuit breaker on it right here to feed both these reels and it just protects. It takes a lot of amperage to run these reels. And when you run them all the way through the truck system, that's not a good idea. So we run we we just keep this battery charged off the truck. And it does a good job. We've got our shuttles that we can sit on here. I can see it. two shuttles on here and then I got a spot up there to set all of my Jugs anything of that nature I can put them there then I've actually got another. Two inch pump here that I can suck out of my shuttles and I know Chad Henderson. He said what you need to pump that big four it that's crazy. But the reason we do this is we got all flange connectors and quick couplers on here. So this is actually got two inch quick couplers. This pump is designed. The layout on Plumbing is designed if we have one fail anywhere on the farm any of our spray trucks anywhere. All we got to do is if these bolts out undoing quick couplers and take this pump for Aspire somewhere else or take it to the tank farm where we got all of our Tanks located that we get we've got a bunch of Tanks where we do so much liquid. That's why we went with this and when we go to suck if we need to suck 25 gallons out of that shuttle into this adductor. It is no problem. You do it really fast and you just sit there and let the pump idle. We just got one inch lines running into it because again, we know we're going to be using low volume. But the reason we went this route is because this is a Spire pump. We got back up everything we do. We got to have back up. Again, remember this is all in for here. That's all too by two there one mistake. We made right here. Both hoses are the same color. So as we're replacing hose, the reason this one was is we couldn't get but one color at that time. Now our other hot colors come in, so we're putting a green hose on our corn trailer right here, and then we'll have y'all at the front and then eventually this will be changed to Green. So everything is uniform that matches. So then we're going to move up here to feed this reel right here. I've got another high pro Pen Air. or Pen Air High Pro two inch pump. It's got your power pro motor on it. We've had very good luck with these Power Pro Motors. They crank they I mean they look like a Honda probably our Honda. I don't know but they seem to be a little more reliable. We've not had the greatest luck out of Hondas the last couple years like what it used to be. We got this one here Plum with a quick coupler so that we can suck out of a shuttle or toad or anything we need to do if we if we need to pull another thing you got to think about on both these let's say we got to pull some liquid out of the planter tanks out of the tractor planter tanks. The and those saddle tanks and then the ones on the planter something comes up, whatever the reason maybe you need to you need to isolate them. We can suck it right back off right here and put it right back. Now. This is actually clean water. This is a thousand gallon clean water tank. now we really didn't need one this big we just wanted a we wanted. A we run four gallons acre, so we only wanted 800 gallon tank. But for the money we could get the same tank at a thousand and again, I may be using this from irrigation later. For a tender tray tank, so we got to endure class. Tanks where it ties down easy. We love the way these things tie down. But we can take this off this trailer and go back to using this for equipment moving trailer, whatever we want to and pull these tanks off. Everything just comes on and off fairly simple, but we'll leave it like is and like this and until we get a semi trailer, you know something a little heavier frame. But we can overload this truck if we put a thousand gallons in here. So we're careful about the amount that we put in. And it's just something to think about but like I say we'll have we pulled it out here just to do some videos this wet and rainy and see the water standing in the mud holes, but we'll be pulling this with a Freightliner single axle truck so it can handle the extra weight of the trailer. Where these wonton trucks is overloaded but got 60 gallon inductor. So we got a lot of options here. Again. The only thing I would change on this trailer if you're building one for yourself as I would keep these two hoses two different colors. And then I would add just a small five six gallon inductor tank right here or right here on the side. You could set it right here on the side and this situation and plummet right in. I would have that just so that you got options. We do have strainers on everything and the strainers are we always locate the strainers where it's easy to get to you don't want that strainer all the way up in Yonder somewhere another where you can't access the thing and clean it out. So you need to be thinking about how you're going to do that. So all of them has got strainers this trainer right here is a little bit aggravating where it's at. But being this is kind of a temporary deal that just it worked out good. We do use all flange fittings. That's just something that I've I like they're easier. They are more expensive but some of a gun they work. But if y'all have any questions on how we done this if you want some individual pictures or anything, let me know. I'll be glad to help you the enduroplast tanks. We absolutely love them. I've got a lot of good luck out of them. I got one tender trailer made by their company. It's been very handy. But you know, it's just what you do in a rush. We went and bought this heavy gooseneck trailer. And it does a really good job, but we did put extra we did put different tires on it a very high load rate and tire that way at load rating could handle this heavy load that we had on it and so far. We've had zero issues with it. Y'all stay safe and again, shoot me an email. Give me a call. I'll help you. Anyway I can with this. Thank you.

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