Creating A More Efficient Factory
4 Apr 232 min 18 sec

Kelly explains what a plant growth regulator is and why he is using


 as part of his grower standard practice.

00:00 hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag here to talk to you today about radiate radiate is a plant growth regulator from Loveland agerson 00:06 that I think should be grower standard practice on most people's Farms the best explanation ever given to me about what a plant growth regulator does is it makes the plant grow more 00:15 efficiently and the analogy I was given was think about a factory if all of the workers show up in the factory, but the foreman don't 00:24 the workers will go and they will they'll complete some work, but it might not be in the most efficient manner if the leadership is there. Well, the factory workers would be 00:33 like your npn K and the foreman would be like the the hormones in the plant growth regulator when the hormones in the plant growth regulator are present 00:42 in the plant along with the mp&k the factory workers. Then the work is conducted in the most efficient manner and 00:48 we see a yield gain from that. The times to apply radiate would be inferral or at post-cam is how I like to say it, you know more technical term would 00:56 be V3 or V5 postcam and your soybeans and corn is what I like to apply it. It is one of the only agents listed as a glyceophenor when 01:05 you spray a chemical on your plants, they shut down for 72 hours to metabolize that well it also takes 72 hours. 01:13 To put on another note in a soybean and every node is going to have four five six, maybe eight pods without radiate present 01:19 the chemical application on your soybeans is like subtracting a node which is subtracting yield at extreme AG will get to question a lot of times. What's one 01:28 thing I should try really don't like that question because it's a systems approach. There is no Silver Bullet. There 01:34 is no one product to use but if somebody insists on what's one product, I can try it's radiate at postcam and Beads. It's a very safe thing to tell a grower 01:43 to try to get him started down this path to to hire management using products to me like radiate or also a very sustainable practice. 01:51 Whereas we talk about our nutrient use efficiency or our carbon intensity score when we're producing more yield with less fertility. 02:01 That's a greater nutrient use efficiency and lowers our carbon intensity score and products like radiate allow 02:07 us to do that. They are making us more efficient and if efficiency and sustainability are very synonymous terms.

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