17 Mar 231 min 9 sec

Temple has 2 sprayers running and 2 tanker trailers running, and a cow in a ditch.  

00:00 Hey guys, Temple Ruth from extreme mag here. We're doing some cowboy stuff today. You know these boys out west 00:06 want to run their mouth Kelly Garrett and especially Damien Mason, you know, he's like why you 00:12 Marilyn boys dressed like you Cowboys and the boys from Virginia when you really don't have anything to a cow's. Well, we got something to 00:18 do with cows. Let me show you what we're doing today. I've got two sprayers running. I've got two tanker trailers run up 00:24 down the road nursing them. We got a bunch of litter spreader spreading litter too looters loading that and this is 00:30 what I'm doing today a cow decided but it want to jump down in the pit. So here's all my cattle. They knocked down my fence to getting around here now. I 00:39 got this in here. so anyway We're going to save the day. We got him out. Now we're gonna have done time. I'm Gonna Leave This up to squirrel 00:50 and squirrel you got come on time. Look at it safe and sound.

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