5 Dec 221 min 42 sec

Kevin talks about his system of cover cropping and how he utilizes it to spoon feed next year's crop. 

00:00 Got a field report here today and Piedmont North Carolina, you know, we talked about cover crops important some of them all the crops are harvested right now. We're 00:09 helping a few neighbors get some soybeans in yet. But we've got our Crouse our tune 00:16 actually vertical deal accelerator running. We've broadcast a different small grains out here some barley and some 00:25 wheat, and we're incorporate that right now and it's pretty fun to do running about eight mile an hour and it does a good job. We're preparing 00:34 for that. Next crop big thing about this is we'll be getting it actively growing. We'll prevent erosion control, which is 00:43 really big deal. We'll keep her streams and creeks and rivers all clean. We want to keep everything on our land. That's all that we own the soul that we form. That's what 00:52 we want to look after and so we're doing this then we'll come back and put get to Barley and small grains growing. 01:00 They more put our poultry litter on and then we'll get that crop really growing and then we'll use it kind of as a spoon feeding for our next crop 01:09 when we come back with Corner soybeans on these Farms. Then this summer as that cover crop has 01:15 died it took up all that fertility from our manure. Then it will be spoon feeding that next crop. So 01:21 pretty neat way to do it. You know, I always say as farmers are the most truly environmentalists they are because I heard Lively good and 01:30 our families within on this soil and to help the soul. So y'all stay safe just a little update on what's going on here in the acting River Valley today.

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