Cotton Dilemma
6 May 235 min 33 sec

Matt has an issue that he needs to make a decision about ASAP. His cotton needs to find moisture in a bed of dust.

00:04 So here's the Dilemma. And this is a lower end of the field. So it's a little bit more clay, you know as you as you go through the field it gets a little little more Sandy when 00:14 you get up to the top of it. But the question here is what we have all the time and it's always confusing. So we're about to the 00:23 moisture. We're about three quarters of an inch till we get to the bottom of the moisture on this cotton. 00:30 Cotton don't like to be deep with the rain several chances of rain coming. 00:36 We're getting on the later side of planting in my opinion. So what do we do? 00:43 Do we dry plant this do we put it in a moisture and hope that the don't get too much rain or do we 00:49 wait on it to rain again? This field was actually too wet to work or too wet to plant on Sunday. So as always say we're two weeks away from a drought at any 00:59 time down here on these lower organic matter, you know light CC Souls. I guess we'll find out about an hour because I got to make a decision. 01:09 So the hour came and went and I tried several different things. I tried got to planter over there to the next field. I know we were coming up on some more this kind 01:18 of mixed ground and man it dries out so quick. That's the top of the bed now so pretty much no topsoil. Pretty much no soil moisture holding ability. So 01:28 whatever we do we do in the top couple inches of soil. I tried deeping into planter a little bit which in my opinion is a no. No, I've got a certain setting on the planter and and I'm 01:39 not going to go any deeper than that rain sleep snow or shine. So. Tried tried my shadow planning, you know, it was in the dry. 01:48 Their towing with our weather forecast so much that I'm not a hundred percent. Sure. 01:52 So I ended up going back home 20 miles from here picking up our new what we call it do all and 01:58 brought it back down here and these beds that we build up that are so pretty and nice and flat, you know, then we spray them 02:04 with the herbicide. We have a good hard flat planting service to plan on. 02:09 Not knocked all that down. So had to take about an inch off of the top of the bed, you get all these things all pretty and 02:17 and you're happy with them. And then sometimes you know good Lord makes it where you got to go do something else. So Three hours later I get to do all down here get it 02:27 set start my knocking the top of the bed off planted running right behind it in the moisture. We're steel, you know about that 02:33 half inch that fingernail deep one thing. Yeah. I always keep with me on Cotton planting is a is a tape measure because we try to we do what's called heel driving. 02:44 Figured out that's the best way to you know to yield strolling the strolling the cotton and it'll come up and it'll do okay, but we're picking 02:50 up as much as 30 to 50 to 60 pounds an acre by heel dropping deer speed planter as of last year would not heal drop. We've got a set of 03:00 prototype plates. We got 12 plates talk to the engineers this this winter because I was seriously considering going back 03:06 to my old my old old planter because I can make it he'll drop. Well lo and behold we got a we got 03:12 a new planter plate. You can take this we want to put three seeds every 12 inches. You can take his tape measure and go anywhere out here find a 03:21 hill of seed 12 inches. You're gonna have the other set. So we're excited about that. 03:27 I'm excited. I got to kept keep my depth where it was. Hopefully we'll get a little rain because I'm still a little marginal even after taking the top off the bed and literally guys it 03:37 this Farm was too wet this weekend. This Farm is too weird to work. I mean it was I think it was Saturday, you know, we got an inch rain or so so it wasn't 03:47 even you know the one even any kind of chance was getting to plant this until later and it's almost like 03:53 when you when you right before lunch, it's too dry or too wet you go to lunch come back. It's too dry. 04:00 when you're planting the fingernail deep or when you're planting a half inch deep so we think we got this in good shape. We're supposed to get some chances, you 04:07 know, some small chances of rain if we get Atlanta 10th and a half two tenths, we'll have moisture always through so it's just something we gotta hope the good Lord takes care of us on 80% of 04:18 this 70 80% of this gonna come up in the moisture. We have had we not knocked the bed down. We probably would have had about 50% of it in the moisture and then you've 04:27 got to worry about the fact where you've got a certain percentage of seeds out our in enough moisture to sprout 04:34 But with these 80 plus degree temperatures and and you know, 10 mile an hour winds, will it Sprout and dry out, you know before the root takes is able to take, you know, 04:43 hit the moisture and take off so cotton don't normally it's not like soybeans it on Sprout in 24 hours and warm soles usually 04:49 takes about 48 to get that done. So We don't have a lot of kind acres to plant fortunately. But so we're trying to do it the right way. So we'll keep 05:00 you posted on what this looks like across your fingers that we get a little small shower to activate our pre merge and and make 05:06 sure we meet the moisture and everything in every, you know, in every acre, you know rain rains of makeup. I don't 05:13 farmer like me look like a hero a lot of times the right ring wrong rain. It made me look like an idiot right random. Maybe 05:20 look like a hero, so hopefully we get that hero rain and not that idiot rain and everything works out. Y'all. Have a 05:26 good day.

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