3 Apr 231 min 15 sec

Layne Miles shows us what happens when an Arkansas hog gets into their test plot. We think there might be a pig roast soon.

00:00 Hey guys, Lane miles here. Just want to show you kind of some of the battles. We Face. We don't face it as bad as some people. 00:07 Is the feral hog? This is a planted corn field or was a planet cornfields until the old feral Hall come that come in and what 00:15 they do, they they get right on top of that that row as you can see where they were there. root Mark is 00:23 That that's that's where every single seed is that that we had. Um this just one spot in this field. There's only about a spot or two looks like this not 00:32 not as bad as I've seen before but it's something we'll actually have to come in here and replant, you know, this little bit one bad 00:38 thing about the field I'm standing in is it is one of our test plot Fields not if you're exactly sure which part spot I'm standing in luckily. We replicated that seven different 00:47 times across this field. So it's not the only spot that I had this plot but it is in in one of my plots. That's the feral hog. It can be a real real problem. 00:57 Especially around the Arkansas River and the Mississippi River. We're not too far from the river only a you know, a couple two three miles as a crow flies. 01:07 The guys that are right there on the river. It's it's a it's a really really bad situation.