Corn Yield and Nitrogen Application: Are You Applying Too Much?

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17 Nov 237 min 50 secPremium Content

In this member video, Kelly Garrett discusses two critical corn trials he conducted this season, focusing on sustainable agriculture practices and efficient use of nitrogen in farming:

  1. Nitrogen Stabilizer Trial: This trial compared two different nitrogen stabilizers (N-Serve vs. MaintaiN Elite) to assess which one yields a higher return on investment (ROI). The objective was to identify a product that not only enhances crop yield but is also good for preserving soil biology.

  2. Anhydrous Nitrogen Application Trial: The second trial explored varying amounts of anhydrous nitrogen application – 60, 120, 180, and 240 pounds – to determine the optimal quantity for the best ROI. This trial aimed to challenge the conventional practices regarding nitrogen use in farming.

As a result of these findings, he plans to modify his nitrogen application strategy for the next farming season, aiming for more sustainable and efficient use of resources.


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