Corn Scouting With Chad
11 Jul 231 min 10 sec

Chad takes a look at his Integra Corn and thinks he definitely got something right with his planter this season.

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and guess what? We're in the corn field. 00:04 And so we're out here today and we're walking through some of our Integra corn and you know, 00:08 we've been testing on this corn for the last couple years and we just keep getting a little more of us, you know, cuz we're kinda like, 00:14 we really like what it, what we're seeing out of it. So, lemme show y'all a little something. What, what it looks like at the bottom, 00:20 cuz we ain't looking at the top no more. It's too high to look at the top. So at this point in the game, we wanna look at the bottom of the plant. 00:27 So we're looking at the brace roots, how they're flushed with the ground, how the stalk looks, and look at the diameter on the stalk. Um, 00:36 and that's kind of what we want. We see that picket fence there, you know, so we might have done a little something right with a planter, but, uh, 00:44 we might probably got lucky. But this is what the plant looks like and we look at it from the bottom up. Here it is from the top down. 00:54 Got a good wide leaf on it, good color all the way to the bottom. So it's still got a minute, but uh, 01:05 it's showing out pretty good.

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