Corn Planting in Heavy Barley Residue
15 May 243m 49s

Kevin demonstrates the process of planting corn into a field with significant barley residue, highlighting the effectiveness of his row cleaners, which are crucial for cutting through the dense barley.

00:00 Planting our field day plot here today. Um, going to be interested in maybe one of the best field day plots we've ever had. 00:07 Mainly 'cause Matt Miles made sure I wore his farm hat here in North Carolina today 00:12 and um, he was pretty good wearing hat. I will say that wouldn't mind other, this one's getting pretty dirty. 00:17 Matt helped me out a little bit on this. I appreciate it. So we're in pretty heavy barley residue or barley straw. 00:24 This is double crop. This is part of our carbon program that we run. Sustainability farming. 00:30 This is the way we do things to really look after our soil. Soil conditions are absolutely great right now. 00:36 The only thing is the barley. We've had unseasonably cool weather and with this cool weather it has made the barley a 00:46 little on the chewy side. So it's kind of, it's not crispy yet, which I'd like crispy, but it's tougher than if it had been green, 00:53 if I'd been planted in green. But it's been sprayed about 10 days with a gramoxone. I would, uh, ex normally we would've had it a lot further 01:02 along, but we've had unseasonably cool weather as I said earlier, so that's affecting a little bit. Things we're gonna be looking at right now. 01:08 Obviously variety. We always look at the new varieties at coming out 'cause it's such quick technology. 01:14 We're gonna be looking at potassium versus the varieties, which varieties are a potassium hog over the others. 01:21 Be looking at that. Be looking at some other nutritional programs from, uh, other companies as well. 01:27 We're gonna have multiple competitors here, um, that, that have all got good products and we're gonna see what works with each other. 01:34 I'm gonna get out here and I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about. Uh, we're running the row cleaners with a lot 01:39 of down pressure right now. Very unusual for me. The reason I'm doing it is in this barley where the sprayer has went, I need to part 01:46 that barley outta the way so that row cleaner gets that seed two inches in the ground. So here's the sprayer tracks that I'm talking about. 01:55 You gotta really get aggressive to cut through these. And um, you can see we're cutting through some here, but there's, there's a seed laying on top 02:03 of the ground right here and this track, you can barely see it right there. So we know that, we know that it's going to happen 02:11 and that's actually where the belt kicked it out, uh, On the sea drive. But I am cutting through and um, 02:19 so you'll see if my screwdriver goes down. Yep. Yep. So it's cutting through about two inches you can see right there where it goes down right to the bottom of the trench. 02:31 And, um, so we are cutting through this straw. We're having to be really creative about where we drive, but as you can see, it's doing a really good 02:42 job parting it back. Um, the row cleaners are doing their job very aggressive. Yep. Two inches in the ground. That's what we want. 02:57 You can see that soil's very, that's the conditions is just perfect. Look at all that organic matter. 03:04 All them roots and fibers then will be capillaries for the water to un infiltrate and the sponge to soak up water. 03:11 This is also irrigated ground, but um, you can kinda see pretty thick cover crop. I'd like to harvest to the barley and see what it was done. 03:22 Oh yeah. And by the way, got little mama here think she's supposed to drop in about a week and a day, couple days. 03:32 That's a farm girl. Danielle, smile. What? Smile. Oh baby. Feel en large feeling en large. She says.

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