Corn Planting Challenges Amidst Variable Weather Conditions
22 May 241m 54s

On May 2nd, the weather forecast predicted temperatures dropping into the high thirties, following a week of significant rainfall totaling five inches. Despite the unusual (or maybe not so unusual lately) conditions for early May, with saturated soil and low temperatures, Kelly has optimism about the corn he has in the ground.

00:00 Here we are. The second day of May, it's gonna get down into the high thirties. Tonight, we received five inches of rain in the last week 00:06 and we've got corn in the ground. You know, typically a guy would be nervous about this. You know, my dad even said the day, 00:11 I don't know if it's good that we've got corn in the ground or not, based on the soil temperatures, based on 00:15 how saturated the soil is, which is an entirely different scenario that we've had the last couple years when 00:20 it's a been so warm and dry. We worried about being able to plant and get the crop in the moisture, 00:24 but we've got our Integra seed. It's tried and true for us. It's worked really well over the past four or five years. 00:29 We're really happy with it. And of course, we've got our accomplished max from Grason, which is part of our grower standard practice, 00:34 putting an accomplished max in furrow as a stress mitigation. We started with that in 2021, 00:40 and if there was ever a product that I thought was gonna be snake oil, it was accomplished max stress mitigation. 00:45 I thought, what, what good is this gonna do? I still remember walking out across that field in June of 21, the corn's about 10 inches tall. 00:51 It was rolled up from being hot and dry. The wind is blowing, and I'm like, boy, are we ever gonna raise anything? 00:56 This year? We walked out there across that field, and we got to the 24 rows that had accomplished max on it. The corn was unrolled and relaxed, 01:03 and I thought at that point, holy cow, we might be onto something here. You know, we, we made a video, you know, 01:08 that'd be three years ago almost now. We made a video, uh, Steve Sexton and I, looking at that crop. 01:12 We walked through some more corn that was rolled up to the next spot where we had the next application area of accomplished max. 01:18 It was unrolled that year. The yield gain was 12 bushel on one of those passes, 28 on another pass blew me away 01:24 and accomplished Max became a grower standard practice for me at that point from those two trials. And every year, it has 01:30 provided us protection, be it heat, stress, or cold tolerance. Now we have accomplished Maxs in furrow on every acre 01:36 of corn and soybeans, and we apply terra ook, which is the same components of accomplished Max, but instead of being used in furrow, it's a foliar. 01:43 So even though it's May 2nd, it's wet and cold outside. I've got a lot of confidence right now with my Integris seed and my accomplished max.

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