3 Jul 232 min 13 sec

Kelly talks about how his regenerative farming and high-yield paths are not mutually exclusive. He talks about a trial he is conducting in a very tough environment.

00:00 Good morning. We're standing out here in the field where we have the Nature's RSO Link Trial. Rink is a product that's advertised to increase phosphorus uptake, 00:10 increase phosphorus availability. So first year using this product. I'm interested in it though, because I find it to be regenerative. A while back. 00:17 I read about a University of Minnesota study that said 48% of the 1152 oh that a farmer puts on ever becomes available because the phosphorus gets 00:26 tied up so fast in the soil Here in Western Iowa with the base saturation calcium problems we have, I believe it's even more than that. 00:35 So any product that I can study or put a trial out on that's gonna increase that availability of phosphorus, I'm really interested in. 00:42 So we're gonna have to see what rink does. You know, it was suggested that when I make this video, I do a root dig and see if the roots look better with, 00:49 with the product or without. I choose not to do that. Couple reasons why. Number one, you make a video, you get accused of cherry picking the roots. 00:57 Number two, whatever those roots look like doesn't make me money. I'm after the roi. It's the only metric that I'm interested in. Now, 01:05 does that improved ROI come from input savings, or does it come from a better yield or a combination of both? I really don't care. I'm all about the ROI, 01:15 and I believe that this product is regenerative. A lot of times when I'm talking to growers, I try to explain to them that my regenerative path and my high yield path are 01:24 converging, and that's because we're getting more in tune with nature, more imbalance with the soil, 01:29 and this product making that come available improves soil health, improves regenerative ag. Will in turn make my yield better, 01:37 make my ROI better, what the roots look like. I'm really not concerned about at this stage. It's pretty early. We've been so dry here in Western Iowa. This corn looks like crap. 01:47 I'll be honest with you, I'm concerned about it. We're supposed to get some rain on Friday night. This is a Thursday morning. I'm making this video. We sure could use a drink. If this product works, 01:56 it's gonna earn it. Tommy sent it to me because he knows the things we work with here with the base saturation problems. We're about to find out. 02:03 We'll find out here in a few months if r oink works. I'm excited about it, so, uh, stay tuned.

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