Combatting root knot nematodes in Cotton with a Biological
23 Dec 231 min 17 sec

Initially skeptical about the effectiveness of biologicals on his farm, Matt saw an opportunity to combat root knot nematodes in his cotton field.  Here is what happened.


00:00 We're here today talking about the results of a company we started working with this year called Holganix. 00:04 There's a lot of different biological companies out there. Didn't really have a positive outlook on it. 00:12 We don't get a lot of reaction out of biologicals in our farm because of years of repetitive use of poultry litter. 00:18 So we've got a lot of biology there. Anyway, we did a post herbicide application on the rice, did a post application on cotton. 00:24 You know, it's supposed to attack the root knot nematode. When I heard that, a light went off in my head. 00:29 One of our biggest limiting factors on this lighter soils is root knot nematodes. 00:32 Whether it's beans, cotton, corn, corn's not supposed to be affected by root knot. It is a host, got the data back on the rice, 00:39 didn't see a return on it. We're gonna try it again next year because we feel like that the application timing on 00:45 rice needs to be different. Now let's talk about cotton. Couldn't tell a whole lot of difference as far as the amount 00:50 of bowl and it got time to harvest. It was 54 pounds. You know, 54 pounds is, you know, 45 to $50 an acre. Definitely got a return out 00:57 of the wholeganics product in the cotton. Put it in the, probably the worst root, not nematode situation to have shine like new money. 01:03 Very excited to try this Again, we're gonna do it on a larger scale. It really showed out. For me to get a result out 01:08 of a biological is a big deal, and probably gonna look at it on some other crops too.

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