Cold Germ Testing

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15 Apr 232 min 48 secPremium Content

Seed companies tout a germination rate of around 95%, but that is warm germ not cold germ.  This year Kelly sent the corn he uses to Iowa State University for cold germ testing so he has a better idea of which corn to put in the ground early. He talks about what he has learned.

Hi, this is Kelly from extreme mag. This is a member video. This is information that you know, I wouldn't want to put out in public. And it's about the cold germ. We did on our Seed corn. We plant corn from about five different companies. Pioneer Channel Integra hoga Meyer a little bit of maybe dine and grow this year some agricult. You know, I think I'm even Beyond five companies now, but you know, we we plant we plant several different. makes of corn and this year because of the forecast and things like that and trying to get to that next level of management. We called germ the seed we sent it to Iowa State and the results are a little bit fascinating here I've got two different double stacked corn It's the same number of corn from different Lot number the cold germ on one came back at 82 the cold germ on the other one came back at 92. You know, the seed companies advertised 95% German they don't put it in the bag, but that's not a cold germ. That's a warm germ. I was soils today the soil temps about 40. I hope to start planning in about 10 days April. 13th or so something like that and I'm gonna make the choice on what corn to plant first. That's got the better got the better germination if I thumb through some of these here We've got some that are clear up at 96 and 99% cold germ. Obviously, that's what I'm gonna lead with here. Here's one that's a conventional corn that we brought in as extra because we wanted to try it cold German came back at 81% It's not very good at all. And it'll even tell you here which ones are viable abnormal and dead. This 81% corn has 11% dead. I would guess that the seed company held this over from last year. This is something that I think the extreme mag members should know and should manage on their Farm. It's 27 dollars a test, but imagine choosing a corn maybe it's an early number corn. Imagine going out planting that first when your soils are colder and you have an 81% cold German how that's going to affect your stand. We're always trying to find these little things that get us to the next level of yield or next level management. This is something that's very inexpensive and easy to do. We just have to take the time to do it and And what the results that it can pay are tremendous here is here's a hundred and six day corn 98% Obviously that probably be one of the first corns it goes in the planner. There's other numbers in here three three different Pro boxes of the same variety of three different lot numbers and it ranges from 86 to 93 to 96 the different cold germs on these corn. I can't explain to you why it does it, but it's something important to pay attention to it's something that we've started doing in the last year, so and I just wanted to share with the extreme AG members. Thanks.

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