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Matt Miles talks with Bert Riggan from

Concept Agritek

 about the things every farmer should be thinking about when making a decision as to the right starter fertilizer to use in-furrow.

00:00 Hi guys, this is Matt miles with extreme Ag and I've got the honor today to be here at a concept agrotech meeting 00:06 and also the honor of having birth, which is one of their best of one of the best agonists. I've grown must I've ever been around Bert if 00:15 I was looking at, you know, I've been through all kind of different him for from not believing it, you know, 10 years ago to you know to now it's real 00:24 we're standing practice and if I'm a guy out there. Trying to figure out what to use, you know, do I need to be looking at the price they'll need to be looking at the Quality. Do I need to 00:33 be there's a lot of things we need to be looking at would you kind of explain what those things are because I've made some of the mistakes, you 00:39 know, too high salt content, you know trying to chase a cheaper price, you know cost me a lot of money so many corn 00:45 farmers are being cotton either one don't use them for a product right? Well and I think that's one big thing on our farm that's made a difference is it's putting 00:54 some stuff in that Furrow or two between situation to you know to give that plan to jumpstart, you know, get out of the dream. 01:02 Right. So, you know the idea of starter fertilizers. Just what you said is to provide some readily available 01:08 nutrition as close to the seed that you put in the ground can be That means that you need to be real particular about 01:17 what that product is. If it's too salty, we all know what salt does it drives moisture away. I mean we've been using salt to cure meat 01:29 for how many thousands of years it'll do the same thing in the root Zone. So it cuts down on the amount of water that the 01:37 plant can take up and because that's the mechanism for the plant to bring nutrition in if you don't have good adequate soil moisture in that room Zone. You 01:46 can't bring anything in so salt content is very critical. You mentioned price, you know. 01:54 We always have to be conscious of what we're spending on our inputs specifically in this these last couple years. 02:04 So a lot of people look at the price per gallon. We encourage you to actually go a step farther and actually look at the cost per unit that you're 02:13 getting. So with a product like total cost. It's a 8:29 to and if you do the math compared to 02:21 say a 6246 or something like that. Yes, total faucets got a higher cost per gallon, but the 02:30 cost per unit is very comparable. Yeah now Again, why would you pay more money for something that maybe you might just be getting a little bit more, you 02:40 know phosphorus or a little bit more nighters. There are a little bit more potage. The reason being is is because total Fox is is a unique 02:50 product. It is a 50/50 blend of Ortho phosphate and polyphosate. That allows it to be very low on the 02:58 salt index. So you're not going to be hampered by having to work around a very salty product. So if you have very low parts 03:09 per million in your actual soil and you want to give it a good boost, you can increase the gallon per acre in a product like total of us and not 03:18 worry about having oversaturation of salt in that Furrow or in the two by two. Yeah. The other thing is is that by being a 50/50 blend of 03:28 orthon poly. So you got 50% of it that is immediately available when that seed starts in position. It can start bringing in that orthophosphate. 03:38 the poly component is there so that as that plant moves through the seedling phase and starts heating up like in a corn 03:47 kernel moving away from feeding off The Germ and actually operating off of the roots that it has, you know, what's in the soil and it's 03:57 Leaf area that poly is going to be breaking down and becoming available during that longer window if you put a hundred percent 04:06 Ortho down and The plants only going to be consuming so much in that very in those very early stages and you know phosphorus doesn't 04:15 move but if soil martial conditions change or something like that, then you may have a large component of that that might not be available simply because it was all 04:24 Ortho. So it's kind of like we do the rest of our nitrogen or phosphorus or potassium, you know, we're spoon feeding. So you take a lot 04:33 of people may not understand what Ortho and the difference in Ortho and poly and I didn't even when I started and so, you 04:39 know that that 50/50 blend gives you an opportunity as a small plant spoon feed that to you get to the point where you start making your your other 04:48 application, right? And it goes you you get the benefit on the other end. Well, so like if you use a product that's a hundred percent poly like a 1034 04:58 the higher the polycontent the saltier these products tend to be so 05:05 you have to wait for that poly to be broken down specifically with the aid of microbes in order for it to 05:14 start being available to that link. So if you put up 100% poly product infer 05:20 Now the only thing that that plant that seedling is gonna be pulling from us what's actually available right then in 05:26 there in the soil as an ortho phosphate. But you know the poly pushes the availability farther on out at least 05:35 with a 50/50 blend you get availability up front and then you get some later on, you know, just because you say just because you use a starter or 05:44 you go get a cheap one. Like I said, I've been in a situations for where I went for price and not only did I pay for the product but it also cost me yield too. So 05:53 I double double deal in the wrong in the wrong dipping pan. I guess you would say so there you have it on on a total fall. It's a it's a 06:02 flagship product of concept bag or take one of many products that that we use on our farm and have really 06:08 good success out of so, you know, it's about time to start thinking about your your info and you know, getting them purchased and and you know 06:17 setting your price on them because you never know what the way the economy is now that you know, it could go up between now and 06:23 and time to put it out so serve it really need to be thinking about getting that done and A total cost is a is a 06:32 good choice to have you know, as always if you ever have any questions, give us a call or visit 06:38 our website. Don't Be Afraid we'd like to help you if we can

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