Choosing the Right Corn Dryer: Key Factors to Consider
21 Aug 231 min 47 sec

Buying a a corn dryer can be a significant investment, but the ROI makes the purchase well worth it for many farmers. Johnny Verell talks about what he learned from his experience buying a new corn dryer from

Superior Grain Bins.


00:00 Johnny Burl with the stream Ag. I'm here today with Roddy, with Superior Equipment. 00:03 We've been talking about the dryer that I put in a few years ago and you know, some things that I went through, uh, 00:09 when we were trying to decide when I was working with Roddy, what I needed for a dryer, I was asking him, you know, 00:13 maybe it's a good thing we could go over some things that people ought to look at about what they're gonna do different or what they wanna do different when 00:19 they put a dryer in as far as future expansions and stuff like that. And I figured road, if you go over a few things that people ought to look 00:25 At. Yeah, so the biggest thing, you know, like we, we talked initially is having enough capacity and also making sure that your fill and takeaway equipment is, 00:32 is sized properly and you did the right thing by going with larger motors on this so that you could expand in the future. Um, 00:39 a lot of guys will limit themselves on, you know, they think, well, I've got a 2000 bushel filled capacity, I can run 2000 bushels an hour. 00:47 But that's not necessarily the case because you have to kind of overrun the dryer, otherwise you'll never catch up. 00:52 So making sure you have the proper sized equipment and then looking at your future capacity, how big do you think you're gonna go in the future? 01:01 And make sure you size your fans accordingly because then it's simple as picking the roof off, adding the tiers, putting the roof back on. You're, 01:08 you're good to go. Yeah, That's exactly right. So like with us, we, we had built ours a third bigger than what we needed for the capacity combines 01:14 we were running and within a year after putting this, putting this system in, we added a third combine. So we kind of maxed out the dryer. 01:21 But I'd worked with Rodie and like you said, we already added the bigger fans, so I knew if I ever needed to stack another section on, 01:27 that's all I would have to do. So we worked together on that and kind of got that figured out. And I've got a loading elevator leg up there that's tall enough, 01:35 so if I do stack, I can just keep going. So biggest thing is that you just wanna always make sure you're not limiting yourself for future expanding. 01:41 Absolutely. Yeah. Sounds great.

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