Challenging New Farm Land
17 May 241m 22s

Matt is determined to tame this new piece of land with heavy soil and existing vegetation.

00:00 Just a quick video I wanted to do. We took over a new farm this year, and you can see behind me it's 00:05 got a lot of challenges to it. It's a pretty heavy soil type. Luckily it wasn't rutted last year, so the beds, 00:11 the old beds are still here. And what we're trying to do here is just plant back on the old bed and, uh, 00:16 I guess you would say no till the challenge is going to be the rye grass. There's, uh, a big part of this field that is, uh, 00:22 completely grown up with rye grass. There's not only rye grass out here. There's rye grass, pigweeds mares, tail crab grass. 00:29 There's barnyard grass, there's weeds out here. I don't even know what are, I think my best shot is just to plant through this and then try to take some herbicides 00:37 and kill it just like a person would kill a, uh, cover crop. We ran large amounts of paraquat. 00:42 We've tried to run select, we've tried to do several different things to kill this red rice and it just, you seen the video last year. 00:48 I had a farm that I've been farming my whole life that I let get pretty bad in rye grass. But this is gonna be a new challenge for us. 00:53 As you see the planter running through the field, it's bouncing up and down these roads. We've got tracks and stuff in 'em, 00:59 but I think lesser of two evils is gonna be to try to no-till, plant this in this calf, deep ryegrass and uh, mare's tail and then come back. 01:06 May have to use our drone. Just behind me is rice. So you know, any south wind we get's gonna be blowing towards the rice, which is definitely a no-no. 01:13 So it's gonna be a challenge, but, uh, we'll see what we can do.

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