Chad's Strip-Till Rig
29 Nov 221 min 4 sec

Chad is strip-tilling earlier than usual this season thanks to the good harvest weather this fall. He talks about his rig and his application. 

00:00 Hey y'all. It's Chad and some of the extreme Ag and we're doing a little strip tilling. So I was just gonna give y'all report from where we at down here 00:08 man. We've had good weather down here in the South got the crops out. So now we're getting do a little tillage work. 00:14 We don't usually get stripped till this this early most time. It's in these several of us. I always wonder like hey, I wonder how me to strip till on time, you know, so we 00:23 can do some of that looks pretty good. We're on some irrigated ground here and it's running pretty fair other than the fact we had some death trouble on 00:32 a tractor day. Imagine that we got some death trouble, you know, so We had switch tractors, but other than 00:41 that strip-tilla strip telling going pretty good. There's a red. And pulling her own in there running about 00:48 eight inches deep about 200 pounds of adapt and potash locate magnets. So just giving you all the report what's going 00:57 on down south. Hang in there.

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