Chad Goes to Ohio for a Soybean Trial
29 Jun 241m 37s

Chad is in Ohio for a soybean trial with BASF soybeans.

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00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag coming to you from Ohio. 00:04 Yes, I'm in Ohio. You can probably tell the dirt's not near as red or red at all. 00:09 Like no red. No, no red. So anyway, you know, we're used to that Alabama dirt. We're up here in, you know, this good brown dirt 00:16 that you scratch with your foot, you turn black, you know, and man, I enjoy being up here. 00:20 We're standing here in this field and what we got going here is a bean trial. We've got some on the bean, some on the herbicide program, 00:27 and some on the fungicide program. So what we have planted in this plot is the Tavo soybeans. It's our E three platform for BASF. 00:35 And so we're looking at the E three platform, B, S, F, and then we're gonna look at the herbicide program. Yep. And then we're gonna look at the fungicide program. 00:42 Yep. So this, right now, as you notice, like we've been out here looking, we've got a real good cover down the herbicide. 00:48 Done a good job. This is UA Pro. At what rate? What rate SUA Pro out on this? Six ounces. Six ounces. Okay. And then we had Roundup out on INS to cover what was up, 00:57 and we've laid that down. The next step will be they'll come back in here and use Liberty on this. 01:01 Right. Right before the Beans Canyon. Okay. You know, and that'll be what we're looking at. Um, and then the next part of the, the program, the, 01:08 the test will be fungicide. So it'll come in here with EK R three. Yes. And we'll see what goes on. 01:15 So we're looking, again, we're looking at the soybeans in general. We're looking at the herbicide program in general, 01:21 and we're looking at a fungicide. Yes, we are in general, since we've been saying that all along, right? 01:25 Yep. Yep. So this is the first of a couple, two or three videos that we'll do. Y'all stay tuned. We're gonna keep you posted on the beans 01:31 from Ohio.

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