21 Feb 231 min 34 sec

Chad talks about the comprehensive 3-crop Lab trials he will be conducting for


 this season and announces the date for his field day.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme egg and we're out here in the wheat field. And this is where our trials gonna 00:06 be. Well our Labs gonna be for agric liquid. Yeah, we're gonna do a lab on wheat, you know, we we kind of give weed a bad rap sometimes and 00:15 you know down here I kind of like a good bit. I ain't real good at it. But I like it. So this is a wheat field 00:21 that it's gonna be in and you'll see it's doing a variety of things and trials with it and that'll be in Molly and Stephanie and the guys at agric 00:30 liquids will house we'll have wheat there. We'll have strip-teeled. Corn here, and then we'll have a 00:38 no-till corner beans preferably here. So they'll be a lot going on all this is pumping toward May 11th, May 11th, May 11th, that's gonna be our field day down 00:47 here and we're gonna have have some stuff going on. I know it's all for early. I know you'll see no ears or nothing but we trying to do something maybe a little different and we'll see what the corner 00:56 look like early. You know, we'll be probably a plant date of somewhere around the end of March. Mid-marchs into March maybe even the first of April 01:05 and then we'll take a look at the corn, but we'll have things to see here far as we we production strip teal 01:12 different fertilizer rates and fur rates. Um, some soybean stuff probably we got to make sure on the soybeans. Don't hold me to that part, but y'all stay 01:21 tuned May 11th is a day comes come to the farm. Come see what we got going on. Everybody's welcome. Thank you.

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