Chad's Approach to Nitrogen Management: Sustainable Practices in Farming
6 Dec 231 min 47 sec

Drawing on years of experience, Chad talks about how he has utilized Proven 40 for efficient and sustainable nitrogen usage on his farm. He discusses the challenges encountered and the solutions he has applied on his farm. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Che Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're here just today to talk about, talk a little bit about why I use Pivot Bio, 00:07 why I use Proven 40, you know, what do I see out of it? So I've been using this for probably three or four years now and we've used it in all kinds of situations. 00:15 You know, whether it's in the river bottoms or whether it's this high red ground. You know, we've all, we've looked at it in a lot 00:21 of different scenarios and we like the piece of it that we can reduce our nitrogen with it. You know, it's always up for debate whether 00:28 what you wanna reduce, and I think that's up a lot of times on what farm you're using it on and how you plan on using it, 00:34 what your farming practices are. Maybe that's the things you need to look at when you're reducing nitrogen with it. 00:39 But we can reduce nitrogen with it. We have reduced nitrogen with it and that's what we're looking for on our farm. 00:44 You know, we're looking for something, you know, that we can use fertility in the correct way. You know, us as farmers, we're always trying 00:51 to use fertility in the best way we can. We're always trying to make sure that we don't overly fertilizers or don't overly chemicals, you know, 00:58 because people think, well, they're over-applying it. We're not over-applying it. We we're the ones buying it. We don't wanna put on no more than we have to. 01:04 So with that being said, this is one of those products, you know, where we can put something down like this that's got, uh, microbial action to it 01:11 and then it can make it and help us produce nitrogen, you know, around the plant. So with that being said, 01:18 I can cut back on my nitrogen synthetic fertilizers that I'm using, you know, so that's what we are looking for. We're looking for things, you know, 01:25 that make us more efficient as farmers. We're looking things that make us sustainable, you know, make us, make us to where we are doing a better job, uh, 01:32 as American farmer for what we believe in. So y'all give it a try. See what you come up with on your farm. Find the fit for it. 01:41 Until next time, see ya.

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