Chad Says Wait For It
9 Nov 220 min 59 sec

The SEND IT farmer says this time you have to WAIT FOR IT when it comes to a new seed treatment trial he is conducting on his wheat crop with


. Here is why...

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson again with extreme Ag and we're talking about some weak this morning. Got to looking around out here and got a couple things going 00:06 in this field, but we have a seed treatment trial going on and you can see it right here behind me right here that the the side here. 00:15 This Greener is the untreated and the side of the Rat is treated. Now. This is spray Tech seed treatment and you know, don't get carried Lakes. We see 00:24 this from time time. When you start over coating seed I've seen in a couple different occasions to where it is slows emergence 00:30 down. So it's all into things you use but there's our line and this is again a spray Tech see treatment and we're gonna see it. We'll 00:39 take it to yield when it comes up, you know. Yeah that matters emergence but 00:44 The yields what matters that's what we're looking for. So here's the first shot of this week with a seed treatment and we'll 00:50 keep you posted as we go and look out for things to come.

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