Chad's Goals, methods and blend for his in-furrow fertilizer program

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8 Apr 242m 45sPremium Content

Chad talks about his starter fertilizer program, the goals and the blend he uses to get his crop off to a great start.

Hey y'all, this is Che Henderson with the extreme Ag and we getting into a little planting. So we're starting today, you know, and trying to get this thing set and get the kinks worked out of it. But man, we was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised. Um, everything took off and run real well. And that's a thanks to the guys at the shop. You know, we put in the hard work, made sure the planter was ready, spent a day in the driveway testing meters, running water through the fertilizer system. So we had a good day like it, it took off and started planting a little trouble. So, um, with that being said, y in furrow Y two and two, so with in furrow, I say in the ditch. So when we talk about putting stuff in a ditch, what are we putting in a ditch and why? You know, we're, are we, what is our goal, I guess is what I'm trying to say? Our goal is to stimulate roof grove, help with emergence, um, put things around the seed that help, um, make fertilizer more efficient, help fertilizer more active, you know? So those are the questions that we're trying to answer when we talk about why in furrow and what we're trying to accomplish with in furrow. So let's just talk for just a second about what's in the in furrow blend. You know, we talked about what we're going to, what we're trying to address with that. So let's just talk about what's in the blend. So in our blend is a PGR. That's for a root development. Okay? We've got a humic in there that's for the soil seed contact, that's for nutrient availability. We have a little bit of fertilizer in there. Um, with my situation it's just to make the red balls work, right? Um, but the fertilizer does help, but it's just with what farms and what you're trying to do with it. And then we also have in there sugars, you know, of some form feed biology. We obviously have zinc in there. We always want some zinc in the furrow. So there's several things to put in there. But when you think about what's in the inferable blend, think about the things you're trying to accomplish and what you're trying to do, um, for that seedling as it takes off and growing. And to get a good root system that'll take you to higher yields. So when you're trying to consider everything to put in your blend and all your fertility, and everybody's coming to you and saying, you need to do a little bit of this, you need to do a little bit of that. Um, take all their advice, take the words of wisdom, and then watch some extreme ag videos. We'll talk about what we're doing. Call in on the question and answers app or, and we'll uh, get you headed in the right direction to the best of our knowledge, and then we'll see what we're trying to conquer. And then do your own testing. Do your own testing, do one field and just do fertility. Do another field. Add a PTR. And so make your own farm your test grounds. That'll get you things accomplished. Get better ROI for your farm, because that's what it's all about. Thank you.

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