Chad is Not Happy With These Disc Openers

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12 Jan 231 min 53 secPremium Content

Chad is sending a batch of new disc openers back to the factory due to a fault that many may not notice. He explains how even the smallest imperfection can cause problems in the field this spring during planting.

This Chad Henderson extreme Ag and we're working on Planters. So, you know, it's never too early start getting parts as we've seen in the last couple years here due to the covid, you know put us on it. But it but it's one thing as Farmers it made us do is it made us start planning ahead. So we're here today and we've got some dist openers here and this is something I want y'all look at we found this and we've got this meaning in the truck as you see that a returning and it's because of a I don't know if a bad batch got out. I don't know if it's really what it is, but we don't we don't like to run on me if we can help it now if we get the days we're gonna have this openers. We're gonna put these babies on bad as we hate to but this is what we're going to look at. So yeah see the off placement in the bearing here. What that'll do? Is it'll cause it to have a high and low spot and if you get them and and even if you can't time them correctly, you know, it's things running through the field. But what they'll do is it's gonna cause one side of this trick trench to be deeper than the other one or if you get them both together and you put two on one side. It's gonna cause a Loblolly if you will affect and it's gonna go up and down. Well that could be, you know, it would never be a quarter inch it'll be the same distance as what that is, you know, which is probably 50,000, you know, and I know nothing we do in the dirt is always that precise but if we gonna start right, let's start right and it'll also cause infected to have a dragon effect. If you put both these on the same time. It'll have a looser and Tighter effect as well. There's several things that'll go on inside that planter unit that this thing will start jumping and loafing and that's just one of the things that we want to point out that something we're trying to avoid. So take take good note of your see this openers whenever you go to put these on and just look for little things like that and let's try to get the stuff right because this matters

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