Chad's R3 Soybean Application
5 Jul 241m 13s

As the soybeans near R3, Chad talks about how and why he is using CalBor mixed with fungicide. He is looking to boost calcium and boron levels, aiding nutrient movement and supporting flowering and reproduction.

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00:00 Hey y'all, this Chet Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're gonna talk about a concept agritech product this morning. 00:04 So what we're gonna talk about is you the use of cowboy and you've, you've heard us talking about cowboy and especially if you've been around Matt Miles, Annie, 00:11 you've heard him talk about cowboy. He's done a lot with it in the last few years, especially, you know, but we're putting it on soybeans 00:17 and we've put using it on corn as well. But today we're gonna talk about the use of soybeans. We're fixing to come in here with the application. 00:23 These are close to R three. We'll come in here with the application of fungicide and we're gonna mix cowboy with it. 00:28 It goes on at somewhere around a pint to a quart, but it does a real good job of getting the calcium up in the plant 00:33 and the added boron that we need. 'cause we're always needing boron and keeping the boron it levels up. 00:38 You might have heard me talk about that before, but keeping those levels up in the plant for the flowering and the reproduction part. 00:44 So the calcium is a, is a stable part in the plant. It helps move the nutrients through the plant. We're always needing it in the plant. 00:51 The way that our soil buildups are, we're high cow, low mag, but we still need the calcium to move through the plant. 00:58 So give cowboy a try. We'll have some more videos on what we're doing with it anyway. It's a pint to a quart. 01:04 We'll probably be leaning toward the quart side. We'll let you know. Thank you.

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