Chad has A Nose For Sweet Fulvic
2 Aug 221 min 22 sec

Chad's a big fan of sweetness.  He can't ever get enough sugar into his crop. Now he is applying a sweet fulvic from Concept Agritek.  He knows it's gonna be good already just by the smell.

00:00 All right, this Chad Henderson with extreme egg and we're gonna do a little fungicide spraying today, but we're gonna add in some of their sweet fulvic 00:06 here. Um, you know, everybody wants to put a sugar product in and that's good and we use that and then everybody wants always wants a 00:15 little bit of full again and we use that you know, so we're trying a little bit this sweet folding from concept Agate and 00:21 we're gonna see what how we like it. It's already Blended mixed. They run this thing at a 20 ounce rate. It's 00:27 a real low route use rate. What we're expecting out. This is is it's a carrier like say we want our full victim to bring 00:33 the stuff into the plant to get it a sticky substance and our our sweet is our sugar product. We're still 00:39 feeding that plan and put the sugar into the plant. We're gonna do this on it. Oh, I want to fungicide pass. So we're in 00:45 a late our not in the late reproductive stages, but we're at the brown silk. So it brown silk we come back in and we drop the hammer on the corn again. I'm pouring 00:54 these sweet little thing. You always got to smell them. You know, they're good. and when I smell like something is like molded or 01:03 like berries or it's like it's fruit that has been grapes or something. That's over, right? 01:12 It's when they like one, that's right.

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