21 May 230 min 37 sec

Kelly talks about the goals of his AgXplore Lab this season.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett behind me. We're putting the Ag Explorer lab into Richie's plant. The planting portion of it is upward. 00:07 What upward does is helps break the cat ions away from the other nutrients in the soil, thereby making all the nutrients more available to your plants. 00:15 The rest of this lab will be put on foliar with the sprayer later in the season. Our number one yield limiting factor here is base saturation calcium. 00:23 So the cat eye on tie up here is a real problem. I'm very excited to see what upward. We'll do stay tuned later on in the season and we'll show you what the rest of 00:30 the foliar portion of this lab is all about.

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