Can you mitigate crop stress at the root level with drip?
8 Jul 222 min 47 sec

Kelly's big focus this season has been reducing crop stress.  He believes that we have enough fertility in the plant, and that in order to bust that yield ceiling he needs to mitigate stress.  All of his growing season stress reducers have been applied at the foliar level in the past.  Can he reduce crop stress by applying stress reducers at the root level through a drip system? He is teaming up with Netafim, NutraDrip, Agricen and Iowa State to find out this season.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG. We're here today with Kirk Grimm of nutrip to talk about some very extensive research that 00:06 we've got going on in this cornfield. It's a drip irrigated cornfield, the trial involves nutraip, of 00:12 course netifem agrison and Iowa State agronomy. Agerson has a couple new products that are for stress mitigation one of my focuses this 00:23 year. Of course, you know, I really think we need to put more emphasis on that. We're gonna put the agerson products 00:29 through the drip. There's seven zones in this field. Kurt designed this field Curt installed this field I wouldn't be where I'm at without him. 00:39 Some of the zones are going to get the product. Some of the zones are not Iowa States involved to help with all the data collection all the 00:45 tissue sampling. Well, of course gonna take this out to yield and we're going to see what if any differences. There are 00:51 I'm very excited about this because of the research we did last year with agerson and their products. I saw some 00:57 really big gains being able to put these products through the drippier irrigation through the netifem system. I think 01:03 is I think is could be a potentially steal for us person stall this new easy deals for Education pump. I'm gonna let him do a little explaining on what's 01:12 going on here. Yeah, so This is a great it pretty much any drip system is really set up great for research because we have different zones so we can treat each 01:21 Stone separately. Today we came in and we installed a new fertigation pump that's gonna allow us to inject small amounts of 01:29 fertilizer at each Zone and actually record the actual flow and the gallon is that we're applying to each zone. So drip irrigation 01:38 is a great tool for doing on Farm research, obviously a great tool for increasing yield driving efficiency mitigating stress, all of those things. I'm more 01:47 able to do but this is just a great example of being able to take A Hundred Acre field broke up into seven zones and 01:53 we're able to do a large scale trial and verify the performance of the product and obviously just the water alone 02:03 is a stress mitigation stress mitigating Factor. Adding fertility mitigates more stress and now with the agerson products. We're trying to take it to the next level. 02:13 Really excited about this, right? What are those synergies that we're gonna get when we put those two products together like that. That is the 02:19 win-win. Yeah adding the agerson technology to the netifem technology. I really think will potentially take us to the next level. I really think that we are starting 02:28 to reach the cap on what we can do with water and fertility and now plant Health stress mitigation or the next things that we need to factor in to get 02:37 we're curtain I want to go which is a lot higher. That's right. Yes, right. Thanks Kurt, you bet. Thank you.

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